Eileen's Balcony Garden

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I often visit an elderly friend who stays in a condominium that has a little balcony. Auntie Eileen used to have a big compound, at her house in Sabah, to do gardening. But after moving to a condominium in KL, she stopped gardening for a while. Her condominium used to overlook a big green space. In recent years, new condominiums have sprouted up opposite hers.

One day, she felt that she needed to place a few trees at the balcony to hide the activities in her home from being seen by people living in those condominiums. At that time, the trees she bought were just to meet a practical need.

Later, her interest in gardening came back and she slowly finds herself going to garden centres looking for orchids and other plants that caught her attention. Now her balcony is not just a plain space anymore. It is now her garden!

Her orchids are blooming beautifully. The Dracaena Compacta, which was a Christmas gift from me a year ago, is now growing healthily.

She finds gardening very useful. She gardens to release stress, to support sustainability and to exercise her hands and legs in order to stay alert and focused all the time.

This balcony garden uses only ordinary garden materials like wooden planks and bricks to support the pots of plants. But when you look out to the sky from the living room, the or
chid blooms and trees make a wonderful sight to behold.

Now, this is what we can call small space, big ideas!

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  1. It's amazing how much can be done with a little space when you put your heart to it :)

  2. All that in a little space- so beautiful and tropical looking. A much needed sight for me with all the rain and no sun we're getting. Happy April!

  3. So pretty! U have just inspired me to do up Thoo's balcony. It's small like Eileen's but like Julia said, so much can be done :)

  4. Julia, Debbie, I am also amazed and inspired myself by this garden. But be prepared to work hard. This pretty garden is a result of Eileen's labour of love for about two year :-)

    Tessa, Welcome to my blog. Glad that you have enjoyed this post. Happy April.. may you have sunshine today and everyday!

  5. Looks like Auntie Eileen made good use of her balcony with plants! Very lovely!

  6. Steph, what happened to your blog...I couldn't log on for a few days! I would have pots galore too if I didn't have a yard. Very clever way to keep her plants off the floor. Hmmm, orchids are so pretty!

  7. Racquel, yeah those plants are lovely. I like the orange orchid.

    Lynn, hmm... I didn't know what happened to my blog. Sorry about that. But, glad to hear from you today. Have a great day yeah!

    Debbie, Btw, when your new garden is ready, please let me know ok. I go snap, snap, snap... then, post post post :-D



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