My Plants Love The Rain

Monday, April 06, 2009

After a few days of torrential rain, my garden gave me a number of wonderful surprises. I trimmed the plant below more than a week ago and now new shoots are sprouting out from its old branches.

The new shoots below grew from a Coleus stem I pinned into this pot a few weeks ago.

Earlier, this Snakeskin plant was withering. But now new shoots seems to be regrowing from its roots.

Below is a young Golden Money Plant shoot.

I also spotted a baby Aloe Vera and did not want it to affect the growth of the mother plant... I dug out the dirt around the little aloe, cut out the little plant with about two inches of its stem. Then re-planted it into a small container.

Today, it rained too but fortunately there was also sunshine in-between. Hence, making the weather cooler but not without sunshine for my plants. Thank God!

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  1. Good morning Steph we have been having torrential rains off and on for the last couple of weeks and it has everything around here jumping but now we have frost on the way! boohoo

    what is the plant in with the Coleus it looks like what we call a dollar weed and it is my arch enemy it is taking over everything here..

    have a wonderful day
    hugs, Cherry

  2. Hi Cherry, Good morning to you! Yes, that is Dollarweed. They can grow very fast here too. I am trying to make a combo planter. Hope it will work out nicely. Sorry about the frost that is on the way. Nonetheless, happy blogging!

    PS: I have corrected my spelling for Coleus after I read your comment :-) TQ.

  3. I like how you took a piece and made a new plant of it...I hope it'll grow for you;-) It looks like you didn't even use any rooting powder. Does it get good roots by just sticking it in another pot? I've never tried that, to be honest!

  4. Hi Jan, Thank you for your honest advice! Now I am bit worried for this little aloe. But rooting powder is not a common item here. Normally we garden without it. In fact I have propagated a number of plants in my garden without using rooting powder :-)

  5. Remember the old saying "April Showers bring May Flowers!" but it also makes the garden lush & green. :)

  6. Stephanie,
    A couple years ago a friend and I were at a garden show and we loved this display that was built on a huge variety of coleus. I had no idea how beautiful it could be. I ordered seeds for some and am adding them to my garden this season. Do you know the name of yours?

  7. Hi Avis, This coleus is Solenostemon (Solar Sunrise). Its leaves will turn more burgundy when there is more direct sunlight. So it will be best if the plant is placed in full sun. If there is no place in your garden to have full sun, just ensure that it at least gets a few hours of direct sun. Also, I find that it grows old very fast. It will bear stalks of purplish tiny blooms. After a while, I will replant it. It is a beautiful plant. Happy planting yours!

  8. I think I'll pick up a couple more varieties and devote a big pot to just coleus this year. Thanks for the inspiration!



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