3-in-1 Pot

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have had this pot of Euphorbia Milii for more than two years now. In the same pot, I have planted an inch plant to cover the base while the Torenia is an intruder which was probably brought by the wind and grew from seeds. So now the pot turn out having three plants in it!

Though the Euphorbia Milii flowers are blooming on every branch the leaves have dried up. I hope I would be able to revive the leaves as before... they were so green and beautiful. This plant is also known as Crown of Thorns as it is believed that this was the plant used to make Jesus' crown of thorns. Notice the branches with sharp thorns... very prickly isn't it?

Euphorbia Milii is a type of succulent plant and native from Madagascar. The flowers comes in many colours.

The inch plant that is at the base is looking very nice and healthy and somewhat stealing the show of the taller plant. But I hope that it is not taking away of the much needed nutrient from the Euphorbia Milii (hmm... that's probably why the leaves are curling).

This inch plant is also known as Turtle Vine and is native to Central and South America. The botanic name is Callisia Repens.
I have seen gardeners plant them in hanging basket and it looked very nice as the vines overflow from the basket.

If you have one Torenia in your garden, it's very likely that its seeds would be blown all over the place and soon you will discover them everywhere. This plant is loving the condition at the base of the Euphorbia Milii very much and it's getting bigger and grew more and more blooms. Hence, I am just leaving it there for a while as currently it does make the pot look more cheery.

Torenia Fournieri is also known as Wishbone Flower and it is native to tropical Asia and Africa. The flowers come in either white, pink, blue, mauve, lilac or purple, with yellow markings.

Happy gardening!

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  1. my friends mum has that spiky plant in the first two pictures growing around the balcony in china to keep people out - it's vicious!

  2. Hi Steph. Those three plants really go well together. Perhaps they have a symbiotic relationship and help each other out. I was not familiar with the Callisia or the Torenia. Both seem to be lovely plants. The Torenia is particularly charming.

  3. Very lovely.... 3 in 1 .. hmmm. That reminds me of nescafe tiga dalam satu... These plants somehow support each other, and they occupy every available space.

    I think that thorny Euphorbia is called mawar berduri in malay, and it fits what Barry was saying. The flowers are nice but you cant get very close.....

    Have a nice weekend.
    ~ bangchik

  4. Steph, I purchased a crown-of-thorn recently and each flower was the size of a nickle..a new variety that I hadn't seen before...anyhow, I couldn't get the soil conditions right and it didn't make it :( That turtle vine is new to me...and I love surprise plants...gifts from mother nature :)

  5. Very nice landscape arrangement, I have Euphorbia Mili with white flowers. I notice that it doesn't like too much water, is it part of the cactus family?

  6. I like the inch plants. They provide an excellent cover!

  7. This pot is beautiful! Definitely catching the attention of those who pass by. And because of its lovely little flowers, recently I have just bought a small pot of Euphorbia Mili. Didn't know that it could grow to such a tall and beautiful plant!
    -Sandy @Cloud 9

  8. Hi! You were my 100th follower, so I have a garden gift for you :). If you can email me your address that will be great (you can reply to this comment if you get your comments via email)

  9. That's a striking arrangement, and I like the torenia in there. I have torenia in one of my planters -- it's suppose to trail, and I can't wait for that to happen. Cheers!

  10. Very nice combo! We have a crown of thorns that was given to us as cuttings from a plant in a restaurant. We complimented the owner and the next thing we knew she was cutting it and giving us some! I love it. Yours is very nice.

  11. Oh great, I learn the name of this plant that covers the base of the pot, Turtle Vine! I have those growing in the same pot with many of my bigger plants, as ground cover. They seem to be growing very well and fast. Just like you, I am worried that it may be consuming most of the nutrients from my plants. But they are beautiful, aren't they?



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