Overflowing Bougainvillea

Sunday, June 21, 2009

As I move about, here and there, I sometimes come across lovely gardens that I would marvel at. However, there are times I could not get to admire such gardens as most homes in Malaysia are all fenced up and gated. Hence, many beautiful gardens are hidden.

That is unless there are trees or climbers that are taller than the fence like bougainvillea trees.

Bougainvillea is very popular here and comes in many colours.

Some varieties have variegated leaves.

The architecture of the condominium below might be interesting but I like the purplish pink bougainvillea in planter boxes at its car park more ;-)

What flower plant is popular and as showy as bougainvilleas around where you live?

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  1. Bougainvillea is very popular here too but I've not seen such stunningly spectacular displays as the ones in your photos. The last one is awesome! Thanks for sharing such beauty. I also like the white ones on the wall. And that pink spilling over the white wall? Gorgeous!!!

  2. Hi Steph. I love to look at other people's bougainvilleas. If you have one, you know that it is breathtakingly beautiful - but it is also extremely thorny. That makes it difficult to prune (and it requires frequent pruning). I am amazed at the photo of the car park. Firstly, the color is great. But what a job it must be to keep them trimmed like that. Do you know if there are any newer hydrids that have less or no thorns?

  3. Hello Steph, what spectacular displays of color. It is just gorgeous. I wish we could grow them here in this cold climate.

  4. ..una bella pagina...molto colorata e profumata... , ..ciao ...Loris...

  5. Thank you for the comment on my blog.It was very appreciate.I like the flowers on your site,plenty
    of inspiration.Here, in the north country(Canada),we have only 2.5 months to try having a little flowering.
    Your blog is very beautiful,it is a place to dream.
    Thank you.

  6. My mom has the white and red one planted next to the fence; bougainvillea love sunlight, the blooms usually last for a long time and they are so gorgeous.

  7. no idea, what plants are popular, but these flowers are very pretty! imagine to have such a balcony! You probably have to do nothing else but water plants!

  8. Hi Stephanie, Bougainvillea is very popular in Hong Kong too, as well as Rhododendron, Kalanchoe, and such.
    BTW, I really like how the car park is wrapped around with all those purplish Bougainvillea, making a solid boring building so beautiful and lively :)

  9. I love bougainvilleas. They make our surroundings so colourful!! I saw some in Cameron Highlands that were so huge and striking... the good thing about them is that they grow so easily :)

  10. Bougainvilleas are just beautifull. It would have been wonderful if they culd grow outside in my area. But unfortunately it is to cold, even in the summer, so mine have to stay inside.

  11. Steph,
    It doesn't compare to the showy beauty of bougainvillea, but in-ground gardens here really seem to favor clematis, which I wasn't familiar with growing up in the southern U.S. If I ever have a garden in a tropical climate I definitely plan on growing bougainvillea. Cheers!



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