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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Tender grass...
Grass beautifies the pots of plants that are surrounding it in this garden...
My mother has been tending this garden, at my sister's house, for more than a year now.
This carpet grass does not require mowing :-)
P.S. Check out my other article on grass in public places posted on The Star Citizen's Blog.

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  1. Grass that doesn't require mowing! Steph, where can I get some?

  2. Hi Prospero, they grow so slowly that it never had to be mowed. Check out these links for more information:



  3. Hi Steph,

    I wish I have a patch of grass zone in my garden. But unfortunately it's all concrete now. It'd be therapeutic to walk on a patch of soft grass barefooted.

    Thanks for your comment on my posting today. I love hunting for good bargains! Shah Alam Pasar Tani (held on Sundays) is a fun place to shop for gardening plants or even soils. I also love hunting for old magazines and books there. Check it out and have fun!

  4. Yes, I love grass too!! :) Definitely going to put some fake grass in my new house. Haha...

  5. Hi Steph. Thanks for those links. The second one is especially good. We have a kind of Zoysia grass in Bermuda and I don't like it at all (don't pay too much attention to me since I hate grass). It's really hard to get rid of when it ends up in your flower beds.

    The Jester picture is of Bauhinia monandra. And yes, there are two differently colored flowers on the plant (not a grafted tree, either).

    The yellow petals turn to pink later in the day. So the completely pink flowers are older than the yellow ones, and that's why it appears that there are two types of blooms on the plant! Pretty interesting plant!

  6. Very nice, I like anything that will grow and low maintenance :P We have Bermuda grass, it's the builder's choice.
    p/s I love your flower pots

  7. When I was a kid we had a huge backyard lawn and the mowing was a bear! If I ever get a yard of my own and decide I want a grassy area, I will definitely go with a No-Mow variety. Thanks for giving us an up-close view. Cheers!

  8. Don't know much about grass. It's mostly concrete here. But grass that doesn't need mowing? Sounds great! Nice collection of pots/plants there.



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