White Alder

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a rare chance! This stretch of flowers are located on a slope, just outside my church, between the fence and the drain. They are like wild flowers or weed but too beautiful to be missed :-)

The flower is yellowish white and there is a yellow glow around the black centre. Little filaments are seen in the centre.

This 'flower weed' is called White Alder, a perennial herb and Turnera Subulata is its botanical name. It is native to West Indies, Brazil and Central America.

The above pictures were taken in the late morning when the sun was blazing hot. And in the afternoon, I noticed that the flower closes up.

For more information on this perennial herb, please click

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  1. They are so beautiful, it doesn't look like weeds at all. Sometimes wild flowers are so amazing!

  2. I agree...I think they are quite beautiful. I think the label "weeds" can be sooo subjective in some cases!

  3. Were they always blooming like that? They look amazing on photos!

  4. Hi Steph, This is new to me, very beautiful flowers. I think of alders as trees. cheers, catmint

  5. Hi VueJardin, Islandgardener, they are grown next to a drain, so at first, I thought that they are weeds.

    Hi Jules, last weekend, I noticed that they were trimmed. So have to wait for another week or two for the flowers to appear again ;-)

    Hi Catmint, alders are trees? You are right! I googled and checked. There are other trees called White Alder also.

  6. The color of the White Alders in the morning sun is beautiful, kind of pinkish they are :) - Sandy of Gardening on Cloud 9

    Problem report: Stephanie, I couldn't post comment with OpenID, the system would say "Your OpenID credentials could not be verified." So I just comment as Google Account. Yet, do you know what has caused this problem?


  7. Steph, this is my first introduction to Turnera Subulata. It is very pretty and I read that it is gaining popularity.

  8. These are very beautiful, Stephanie.
    I am not familiar with this flower and herb.
    Lovely post !

  9. Very nice flowers, stephanie... flowers and plants cant move like us, searching for some shade like us..., Our ulam raja herbs, open up daytime and close up like cone every evening....

    ~ bangchik

  10. This is a beautiful photo.... I don't have any of these in my garden but I will for sure look for them after seeing how beautiful these bloom.
    Can't wait to return to see what you have blooming next.

    Happy Gardening!

  11. Wow, I haven't seen these flowers before. They're so beautiful. Will check out the link, Stephanie.

  12. Hey Steph, this is one of the prettiest 'weeds' I've ever seen..lol! It actually looks like a fully opened tulip with that black eye center. Thanks for sharing these great photos :)

  13. These gardens are stunning, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.....

  14. Dear Stephanie,

    Thanks for follow my blog. Happy to meet you!

    You love gardening! My home have no place to do my gardening and also I busy with shop. Maybe when I grow old I will try to do my own gardening & that time I have to ask your advice!

    I also follow your blog.

    Nice to meet you & Have a nice day!

    by Jenny Malaysia(same as you).

  15. I used to grow alot of these in the garden. I had white and yellow ones. They're always flowering but like you said, the flowers only open in the morning. The plants get straggly quite quickly and I had to prune them every now and then.

  16. I found this link when looking for the name of this flower. first, i didn't have much luck ID-ing the flower. After much browsing saw exactly the same flower I was looking for. Thanks for the information and for the nice blog. :)

  17. Hi Violet, glad to know you and that you found the information here useful. Have a great day!



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