Dazzling Tiny Orange Flower

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It is a Portulaca 'Dazzle Doubles'!

This precious plant came from a packet of seeds I sowed into a strawberry pot about two months ago. The plant is precious because of the many seeds germinated, only three little plants made it. And it is the first to bloom!

The bud looked small the day before.

But when it started to open this morning at about 9 o'clock, it has grown to a much bigger size.

Below is a shot from the top of the flower opening up...

he flower then opens up in full and dazzles in a colour that my garden do not have!

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the flower closes-up.

The packaging instruction says that the seed should grow and bloom within 45 days. In retrospective, this orange flower is already two weeks behind time.
Now I wonder when would the other two plants bloom and the colour of their flowers.

I hope to use their stems to propagate more plants to fill up the pot :-)

Happy gardening, everyone!

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  1. Stephanie, do you find these pots hard to keep wet? i do, i've lost so many plants through water constantly evaporating. once they are dry they are hard to water as the water flows around the edge of the pot and out the side openings.

  2. Stephanie, you have successfully grown a portulaca from seed! That's great. I think when as it grows and branch out, it will decorate the cute flower pot. If the seeds are of mix colour, your flower pot will look lovely.

  3. Hi !! This is so beautiful !! I loved this shot..thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  4. I love portulacas! I agree with Autumn Belle that once the pot fills out, your pot is going to be a head-turner!

  5. Steph, Dazzles Doubles... huh, that's very catchy name. The flower is massive for the plant size. Then talk about angsana tree .. such a massive tree producing just small seeds, so light that they float in the air and will land somewhere far.
    Nature is not a straight forward thing...
    Nice flower, and if you can propagate by cuttings that will be fine and fun!!


  6. Hi Steph. Nice portulaca!

    I always grow some portulacas. I find they need a lot of water to get started. Once established, they are quite drought tolerant.

    I've never tried to grow them from cuttings. Let us know how you make out with that.

  7. Very beautiful! My mom grows the red color one on the ground, they love sunlight and spread very fast.

  8. Hello everyone! It is so nice to hear from you. I hope you have had an exciting weekend. Mine was packed with two joyful weddings :-D

    Your comments are well noted. I hope you give you another update of this plant soon. Have a wonderful day!

    Barry, I agree with you. The soil tend flow out from the pocket when water from the top. I have to gently water the pockets one by one. The water does evaporate quite fast also. I have to water at least twice a day!

  9. I've had that happen to me, too -- sowing a lot of seeds and getting a small return on the investment... But, it is a very beautiful little flower and hopefully your other two will flower soon, too. And as they self-seed, you'll probably see a lot more later. Cheers!

  10. Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Avis, good to know that they self-seed ;-)

    Femin Susan, thank you for your compliment!

  12. This is really encouraging for those of us who've tried growing things that are hard to sprout. I am currently trying to grow some rosemary from seed, again, and was amazed to find 2 or 3 teeny little sprouts peeking from their pot! congrats!!



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