Sarracenia's New Pitcher Tube

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sarracenia grows in the strangest way. The new pitcher tube grows not only twice the height of the old ones but the lid opens up in an interesting manner.

Take note of the top... it has not opened yet.

As it grows, the top will open up like this...

Then, the lid and collar will be formed.

And new shoots will keep growing from the centre...

I hope that you would find this plant as interesting as I do. Happy gardening :-)

Updated on 3 Sep 2009: Current photo of my Sarracenia plant (taken two weeks after above picture)

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  1. It is interesting and beautiful. Did you catch any bug?

  2. Very interesting and beautiful plant. I have never seen one.Thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE these plants!! They're crazy and cool, and I've been admiring them for quite some time. I'm just now experimenting with them live and in person with some that I bought while in North Carolina. Your plant looks great!

  4. Stephanie this is a very exciting and interesting plant to grow. I planted one in my pond and it has done well. With time other plants have grown over it and later on because I forgot aboutit and I lost it. I am always tempted when I see them in the nurseries. I would like one in a hanging pot with the flowers hanging down. I think the conditions in my garden are not good enough to keep it happy!

  5. Interesting plant, didn't know about it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Every kitchen in the world should have these. I do and they are brilliant at reducing the fly level :D

  7. Très jolie plante même si elle est carnivore ,la nature est magnifique et reéserve des surprises.
    Bonne journée

  8. hello Stephanie...
    a beautiful series ...
    good macro photos....i love the details and colors...
    have a green day...:o))

  9. Steph, do you find this plant easy to grow now? I think this is an eco friendly plant since it is a natural insect catcher. I'm thinking seriously of getting one.

  10. Huh, I can sit for hours looking at those plants... Are they selective with their catch?.. I hope they will leave the good/friendly insects alone.... ~bangchik

  11. Autumn Belle, Barry, Vue Jardin,

    Yes it will reduce the fly/insect level. But I didn't catch any bug inside the tube yet.

    If you are getting a Sarracenia, you can follow the planting method that Prospero has taught me from my earlier post:
    Also, currently I am reading information on Sarracenia's dormancy period. Extra attention/plant care is needed for it to keep growing :-)

  12. Hi Stephanie,

    Is sarracenia belong to the pitchers plant species ? Is a very interesting plant, I have seen once a picture of this kind of plant in US Homelife and its pink and purplish colour. I hope your plants grow well.


  13. Marvelous plant! Looks like two pitchers are talking to each other or singing in the last image.

  14. A really interresting plant, and eats flies! Lovely pictures you have taken :)

  15. Hi Steph. You can really tell the S. leucophylla parentage in the plant. I expected the hoods to be more of a reddish color. Are the older leaves more red?

    When does your season end? In other words, when do you plan on inducing a dormancy?

  16. Wow, Its really breathtaking to note that you have managed this pitcher plant here in Malaysia.

    I saw your earlier post on this plant - didn't realise that you got it from Cameron Highlands.

    See if you can get it propagate it - if there is any pups or babies at the side that you can pinch and have more plants?

  17. Prospero, the hoods will be reddish once they are older. The throat just below the lid that faces the sunlight will blush in red also. I have inserted a photo of how the plant looks today after about two weeks from the last picture you saw. Regarding dormancy, I hope to see sign of die back first before I give the plant some rest in a natural course of action.

    James, I think propagating that way is only possible when the plant grows to very big and lush :-)

  18. Loved seeing the details in your photos. I've never grown it but find it fascinating. Lovely post (as usual).

  19. Glad to know that you all found this pitcher plant interesting. If you would like to know more about carnivorous plant, this site, has lots of good information :-)

  20. interesting, and very pretty too! Not as menacing as the venus fly trap but I guess looks can be deceiving. Sounds like a somewhat fussy plant - I have a lot of trouble with houseplants.

  21. Hi Steph, Its been a while since Im here. How I love to have that plat. It looks interesting kinda like a pitcher plant. You are lucky to have it.

  22. another very interesting plant! i haven't seen this before!



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