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Friday, September 25, 2009

Something is growing out of the soil of my pot of Sweetheart Hoya Variegated. I have to keep an eye of these patches of green. I hope they don't come to take over my two pretty leaves.

Before I prune my slow growing Croton Mother-and-Daughter again, I better snap a photo first for record. The stems at the top are growing longer and the older leaves are turning yellow.

I wonder why my Desert Rose gave me an irregular shape flower this time. Perhaps the plant needed some fertiliser or is it because it was raining too much last week?

This was how the plant looks like before the rain came the week before and washed away most of the flowers.

My Gloxinia is still blooming on the third week...

Earlier the plant has flourished a lot of flowers.

My Silver Squill that I have been growing for more than a year should have flowers by now. I have tried a few blooming fertiliser but still no blooms yet. Anyway, it was a tiny little plant that came along with another plant I bought. I have never seen it bloom before ;-) Time to move it to a shadier place. Hopefully the bloom will appear later.

Enjoy your garden!

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  1. About your desert rose.. yea, it could be the rain. They cannot be sensing the coming of autumn in their ancestral faraway land, thus putting a brake on most activity including blooming, can they?..
    Cheers, have a wonderful weekend Stephanie.
    ~bangchik of Putrajaya.

  2. That gloxinia is lovely. I may look for one to grow inside this winter. It will definitely keep things cheery when it's snowing outside. Cheers!

  3. Your gloxinia is the prettiest thing. Love the double blooms.

  4. Hi Steph. How do you care for your Ledebouria? Does it go dormant. I have several African bulbs and find them fascinating to grow. They also produce such interesting forms. Africa is such a botanical wonder-place.

  5. I took have these plants growing on some of my pots, like the one shown in the first picture. Sometimes I let them develop more before I pull them out. From my experice they are not much of a problem, just some weeding, unlike the purple waffle plant which has invaded my garden lawn and containers and there's no end to stopping them.

    My adenium almost died recently due to the wet season. You need to shift it to a covered (from rain) area where there is plenty of sun and limit the watering. Check its 'bottle-like' trunk by tapping on it regularly. Should be solid. One of my adenium died from overwatering and the big bulging stem was hollow. I recently tried using organic liquid fertilizer on it and there were some positive changes, i.e. leaves green and glossy and flower brighter colour. Stephanie, your gloxinia is doing so well now. It is lovely.

  6. That gloxinia is really pretty - it looks fake almost! I like the silver squill. I really would like to have some houseplants, but I just don't take care of them, and/or they die in the house from lack of light. :(

  7. Wow.. I am very impressed. Your purple flower is still alive and blooming... mine has stopped blooming :( And the pink one has died. I don't know what to do with it! Keep up the good pruning :)

  8. Your Gloxinia is just tooo beautiful, i would like to add this beauty to my garden!

  9. Your gloxinia is very pretty- mine has already packed up. I have a plant which looks like the silver squill. It has tiny white flowers.

  10. The little green thing in your Hoya Kerrii looks to me like some kind of fern. I don't think it will do any harm to the hoya.
    Oh, that gloxinia looks pretty. I just learned from a friend who lives in Cantho and has beautiful gloxinias rebloom for her that... after the blooms all die off on the plant, you can cut off the crown, leaving only the tuber below and keep the soil moist. New shoots of plant will emerge in no time and grow to rebloom. Also, make sure the soil is well drained.
    Best of luck.

  11. Thanks for all your kind advice and compliments! The Gloxinia would be a very nice plant to have for Christmas! Over here, they also sell in fuchsia and bicolour fushcia&white (like wise for this purple one). It would be nice if they have a totally white one also ;-)

    Bangchik, ha ha we cannot underestimate what mother nature can do ;-) They still prefer the same kind of weather after all. Oh, the Desert Rose would definitely need some time to rebloom ;-(

    Autumnbelle, that Desert Rose plant is more than 5 years old now. Its roots have definitely filled up most of the space in the pot. Hence has very little soil/space left for the rain water to drown the plant.

    Prospero, I have been growing the Ledebouria in the same small pot and at a spot where it receives late indirect afternoon sunlight. Save for rainy days, the plant is watered daily due to our tropical hot weather here. It has never went into dormancy. But if the weather was too dry and hot, it just don't grow much. Oh, if the sun is too hot, the leaves will go limp/collapse.

    HaXuan, yes looks like a fern also but could be weed like what Autumnbelle mentioned. Oh, those plant care pointers for Gloxinia are very useful for me. I always admire this plant and would love to know/learn how to give them the best care.

  12. I love your adenium and this post reminds me that I need to go buy gloxinias.

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    What a colorful flowers you have here.
    Have a great Sunday!

    by Jenny Eshjey.

  14. I love your desert rose and gloxinia :)
    So beautiful !

  15. Love your Gloxinia with purple color, they are so gorgeous!

  16. You Gloxinia look so superb. I wish you would write more on how to take care of them.

    The Desert Rose is so unpredictable, like what you said, the more less the water, the more safer..

    not sure about the Silver Squill - do they have flowers? I once thought they were some type of orchids and asked the nursery guy whether this one flowers and he told me that it doesn't. So, not so sure about this plant.

    I'm sure you are diligently watching over them.

  17. Brad, VueJardin, glad to know that you like Gloxinia too.

    James, for Desert Rose, oh yes I have used Autumnbelle's method after repotting a small plant to a bigger container. The rain nowadays is more unpredicable! For the Gloxinia, I water the plant in the morning but only on sunny days. This way, most of the water would have evaporated by evening. The plant is placed on a rack (bright spot) so that bottom of the pot is airy. I use a long neck watering can to water to the root so that the water do not wet the leaves and the stems. Having said all these, I am still keeping my fingers crossed... you will never know what would happen next ;-)

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  19. Hey Steph! What a pretty pink on that desert they bloom in yellow (it reminds me alot of plumeria). Crotons are cool plants, too!

  20. olá,amiga...
    aqui no brazil é primavera!!!
    os pássaros flores estão lindas!!!

  21. Hi Stephanie, It's always a pleasure to see what's happening in your garden. I love the pattern on the Silver Squill leaves and the color of your Gloxinia blooms. That is a weird shaped Desert Rose. :D

  22. Lynn, my other Desert Rose blooms in yellow (will be posting later).

    Armanda, it's ok!

    Thera, Diane, glad that you like those blooms/plants :-)



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