Mistress of the Night

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Would you want a nicely shaped shrub as pretty as this one?

I snapped some photos of the above plant after spending about 5 minutes figuring out how the gardener could have trimmed and shaped this plant. Also it was interesting to see those paired pods growing from below the canopy of leaves.

Then many months later, when I was at a nursery, I passed by some shrubs which have a very nice scent. So I asked the attendant what's the name of the shrub. And he replied 'Sundal Malam', its commonly known Malay name. Actually there are several flowers/plants with nice scent that are called the same name.
Then I recalled that nice-looking plant that I once saw and these are the young shrubs.
Considering the potential of turning this shrub into an eye-catching topiary, the sweet scent of the flowers and those interesting paired pods, it would be a nice plant to have in the garden. I may get one in the future.

'Sundal Malam' in Malay means mistress of the night. So guys, beware if you walking pass these flowers at night... you might be seduced ;-)

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  1. With such a captivating name, I'm sure this plant has a seductive scent too. I'm sure even the gals will also fall for this plant.

  2. Huh... attractive looking paired pods. That reminds me of desert roses, having similar horns. But Steph.., I don't mind having these plants. I am overly guarded, so no worry of being seduced... haha. ~bangchik

  3. I am impressed of the patience the Gardener must have to form such a plant. I don't think it's done over night, never tried myself.. With three men in the house, well that includes my two teenagers, I guess that plant isn't for me, they might all forget the "old misses"..

  4. Stephanie, you always manage to find an interesting plant to show us. The Sundal Malam looks very attractive. I would like to see it in flower.

  5. I really like those pods. Usually, I like plants more natural looking, but in this case, the topiary is really attractive. It's sort of bonsai looking - tree like with the pods hanging. Really lovely.

  6. what a name! and loved the picture. did you find out what the story is behind the name?

  7. What an attractive-looking plant! I haven't come across this before, not even on blogs! I can imagine how wonderful the scent must be...the topiary---lovely!

  8. It would make a good bonsai, but I think it needs a bit more rough treatment and time, but I do like the paired pods :D

  9. Mistress of the Night....Hmmmm...heck with the plant~I want that name...LOL!

  10. Those seedpods look so interesting, usually I noticed those flowerbells hang downwards.
    Truly this person knows how to handle bonsai.

    I had planted these seeds and still waiting for them to flower.

    And as Sundal Malam..
    well hope no "pontianak" (vampire)
    attached to it (lol)

  11. Mistress of the night, what an alluring name for an equally alluring plant !

  12. Those pods make for a really cool look on the topiary. I might try my hand at creating topiaries this winter. Cheers!

  13. Very pretty plant! I'm sure you can take good care of it if you decide to buy one :)

  14. Hi all, glad to know that you were fascinated by this tree.

    Urban Green, I didn't find any story behind the name. But fragrance is often associated with 'sundal malam'.

    James, there's a horror movie titled 'Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam'! ;-D

  15. Irrespective of its other attributes, Sundal Malam is such a melodious name, Steph.

  16. That is really an interesting bonsai plant compared to its original habit. Everybody loves it. James may i know if you have its common name or Scientific name. It is easier to search if we have it. Thanks.

  17. To the best of my knowledge this is also known as the Water Jasmine, Wrightia religiosa. I am fortunate to have three in my collection!

    Carl L. Rosner

  18. Carl, yes you are right! Will check out your site after this :-)



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