Dragon Seedlings

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I stumpled upon some potted greens on a rack at the Grocer Supermarket at Bangsar the other day. The green was so fresh and nice, just like vegetables ;-) I thought that they were edibles. But later, I discovered that they were ornamental plants.

The plant is the dragon fruit plant from the Hylocereus Undatus family and is said to be an effective bio-purifier. It's not only refreshing and helps to reduce stress, it's also easily grown. So it is really suitable for home and office decorating and serves as a good gift for loved ones.

The two plants (above & below pics) are actually the same plant. Both are at different growth stage. At the beginning, it will have only two leaves. Then as the plant grows, little stems that look like cactus will appear. The bigger the cactus the smaller the leaves till they dissappear.

The seedlings is said to be easy to care for. They do not require any fertiliser, just spray water. These seedlings will do well in air-conditioning room, indoor or 'semi-outdoor' (under shaded).

So, the next time you eat a dragon fruit, think of the possibilities... grow those seeds!

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  1. Interesting. Looks cute :) Will the fruit grow out of it? Then it will be bright red and green. An ideal Christmas present!

  2. Those are cool! What a surprise that the leafy seedlings go on to look like cactus. They look nice in both stages in pots.

  3. Such interesting plants grow in your part of the world Stephanie!

  4. They look a bit succulent or cactus liked plants. I like those, they are easy to care for as you say. I had never heard of Dragon fruit but a trip on Google showed me some sweet red fruits. They look really 'yummie', like filled with spotted jelly, are they as sweet in taste as they look?

  5. I have to admid, I would have prefered if they were food...
    However: very pretty!

    here's a song for the Christmas season with a moving story:

    season's greetings, SSG

  6. Wow, it looks completely different when it matures. Very striking in the cactus-like state. Does it flower?

  7. That's very enterprising for the one who started it. Looks real nice for an office or a nook which needs some emphasis. However, it might grow fast that will eventually be dying in so short period. Cactus love full sun. I hope it stays long as the cutie-leaved seedlings in subdued office light.

    I was amused at Deborah's comment if they will grow fruit there! I suddenly visualized a very beautiful red and green dragon fruit dangling on a very small plant, and it looks really beautiful but of course, impossible. If someone will be able to let that ornamentalized plant to bear fruit in that juvenile stage in a miniature container, the entrepreneur will be rich. Let's research on that, unusual ideas might be possible after all! haha!

  8. These plants looks juicy, fresh and green. It will definitely liven up any space. A great find, Stephanie. Wishing you Merry Christmas in advance!

  9. a great plant (early stage) for CNYear decor.

  10. Interesting plants. I like the fruit too.

  11. That's pretty cool.

    I guess you'd have to transplant them way before they start to grow the spines.


  12. Steph, what the heck is a dragon fruit...I'll have to google it!
    The tiny, dense mat of the planter made me think of 'Gia Pets'..ever heard of that?
    The planters are very pretty though~I like the big shell on the top rack ;)

    Did you buy one??

  13. Hi Lynn, I have added the link on the word dragon fruit now. I didn't realise some of you are not familiar with dragon fruit, sorry ;-) Nope I didn't get one and never heard of 'Gia Pets' he he... You like the big shell, I was at Grocer/there yesterday, they also planted mini palm tree into a big shell and it look cute as well.

    Deborah, Avis, the fruit and flower will most probably only grow when the seedling matures into a big cactus plant.

    Andrea, all, I have to learn to 'think outside the box' more and more! These seedlings would definitely be attractive to those who really likes 'green'. I agree with MrBrown Thumb, they have to be transplanted before the spines grown out. But I have no idea about the duration.

    Lotusleaf, yes I also like the fruit very much :-D

  14. Interesting plant, Steph. When I saw the title of your post, I was expecting big dragon fruit plant. Ha ha ....this is so cute! It would be lovely to place it on the working desk and has it to purify the air!

  15. cute little things! I like all the different containers they've used for these plants.

  16. I started these from seed myself this year! Its so neat to see them all sold like that!

  17. I wonder how they cramped up the plants together.
    Anyone know how to?

    1. I think they grow them from lots of seeds in a pot ;-)

  18. Where Can you get these plants in malaysia

    1. Hi,

      Maybe you can write to Zenxin Agri Organic Food directly as the places that I noticed selling this plant don't have them anymore. See link below...


    2. Thank You, the information provided was really helpful.




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