A Neat Garden (Really!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A trip back to Ipoh recently, gave me the opportunity to introduce to you the garden where many of my plants come from. This garden belongs to my sister-in-law, Janice.

If you observe closely, you would definitely agree with me that it is quite an extra-ordinary garden, especially for those who stay in terrace houses in Malaysia :-D

Other than the bed of plants infront of the house, the rest of the plants are in containers.

Janice loves orchids. The orchids (pics below) were all in bloom at the same time when I was there!

She has so many varieties of orchids and most of them are hung onto this shade that's built in the house compound. Below the orchids are many ornamental ferns and allies.

Plus a little pond for aquatic plants...

Some attractive spillers on the wall and other beautiful ferns along the same side.

I can see that Petunia is her other passion. She mentioned that the light purple/pink one (the one at background of the second pic) is the easiest to grow. Ok, I know what kind of Petunia a beginner should grow ;-)

Here is a collage of some of her plants and garden ornaments.

Maybe one day my garden will look as wonderful as Janice's.

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  1. It sure very neat & beautiful. Hope you had asked loads & loads of tips in keeping these plants healthy & all.
    Im sure one day you too will have a better garden than this.

  2. nice to see a whole garden! and the lady really must be a garden lover with much time to spend on it, because I can imagine, it just must take sooo much work...!!!
    Thanks for your birthday-wishes, that was very sweet of you!

  3. Gosh, a garden to die for! All the plants that I have ever coveted are there. And my list grows..
    Well done, Steph's sis-in-law!

  4. Oi, Stephanie!
    Amei sua visita! Venha mais vezes!
    Que plantas maravilhosas! Tenho certeza que seu jardim ficará tão bonito quanto o jardim de sua irmã. Digo isto porque vejo amor à natureza em suas palavras.
    Uma quinta-feira com muitas flores!

  5. Janice's garden is fabulous, I can't believe all the orchids in bloom. Beautiful pictures and mosaics, Steph!

  6. This lady certainly has a green thumb to be able to grow so many lovely plants and orchids that blooms at the same time. This place looks like SPPK, Ipoh where my brother stays.

  7. Hi Steph, your sis-in-law certainly is a NEAT gardener!! She has so many plants and yet her garden looks so tidy and beautiful. Wish I have some of her creativity to keep my garden presentable. My friends said that I have many attractive plants but I am not creative enough to arrange my garden beautifully. Please give Janice a thumb up from my end!

  8. oh my gosh, this really keeps her busy, huh? These plants are gorgeous! I can't believe her orchid collection. I like that she has indoor plants but can play around in a garden outside as well. I love the planters on the wall. that is striking!

  9. Stephanie what a beautiful collection of plants! I would visit very often if it were my sister in law.

  10. What beautiful orchids she has. I love the pots on the wall.What a wonderful bunch of flowers.

  11. Thanks for sharing Stephanie! Janice's garden is surely beautiful. I wish my garden could be as neat and pretty like hers one day.

  12. Beautiful plants and lovely orchids! The garden is so neat too. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What an orderly garden. And those orchids. This garden is inspirational, Steph.

  14. Really!! I agree ! A lovely neet garden, so many different plants, high and low, I think I will 'steal' her idea for a pond :) Have a nice weekend now !

  15. It's amazing that she can keep so many varieties of plants in her compound!! Beautiful pictures. So a love for gardening runs in your husband's family too :)

  16. Finally, a resolution I love and really want to keep. Good article. Love the picture of garden

  17. Lovely garden and those healthy plants are showing how much hardwork & love your sis -in -law has put into them.

    Soon your garden will be like this 'cause you have such a great source of inspiration around.

  18. What a lovely garden! So orderly too. She's very artistic too. I love her arrangements. I'd love to add some of these (the arrangements) to my garden in future.

  19. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  20. Great!-she could crammed so many type of plants in her small garden-i think among the orchids-the dancing lady are the easiest to plant, am i right?

  21. Hi Steph, I learned about you from Autumn Belle's site. That really is an awesome garden! It can be easier if they are directly planted ot the soil but they are mostly in containers, she must really be a very diligent lady, and she knows her plants so well. There's a lot of everything, wonderful.

  22. foodbin, I am not sure about that ;-) All orchids requires some care.

    Thank you all! I am sure Janice would be so happy to learn of your compliments of her beautiful garden.

  23. What a source of inspiration for you Stephanie! Your sister-in-law's garden is lovely, and how lucky you are to be the beneficiary of pass-along plants from her wonderful collection!

  24. Thank you so much for all the comments on my garden. With all these, I think i will work harder in future to keep my garden more presentable. Anyway I should say Gardening Can Overcome Stress! =)



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