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Thursday, January 07, 2010

This is perhaps the most beautiful spathe from an inflorescence...

It's from my fairly new Calla Lily.

Its spathe was like this for many days, then due to the heat it withered...

The other inflorescence is a plump one from Aglaonema, which has been showing itself quite frequently!

All these plants belongs to the genus flowering plant family, Araceae. As you can see here, its flower made up of an inflorescence that consists of a spadix and enclosed with a spathe, a leaf-like hood.
To see other inflorescences of Ze Ze, Caladium and Alocasia that appeared in my garden before, click on 'inflorescence' @ the label below :-D

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  1. You actually grow calla lilies? I have tried but they just did not make it. I thought that it was the heat.

  2. islandgal, I hope I made a good decision on this one. I bought it after learning that it is actually one of those tropical plants that originate from southern part of Africa. I place this plant under my porch with bright indirect sunlight. The plant came with a bug (those that leaves a trail on the leaf) though. After I got rid of this bug, its new leaves seems to be growing well.

  3. That looks good, Steph. I hope you can grow this plant well.
    In our cool weather of Dalat, this species really doesn't need any TLC!

  4. I haven't grown Calla lilies, but we have anthurium, agloenema, alocasia and caladiums. I like Spathiphyllum (spelling?) also but i dont have it. You seem to have a very wide garden, can you please post an expanse of it here? I am sure it is beautiful. Thank you.

  5. The flowers do look creamy and sweet.

  6. I don't know if you have bought in your younger days "kacang putih" or peanuts sold in rolled up paper.... almost similar to that rolled up petal.

  7. Wow! The calla lily is so beautiful! My plant has never flowered in the five years I have had it.

  8. Oh, I always let my self seduce from Callas on vacation, that's about the only time I got to see them 'live', but that one i the bottum, with green and red 'leaves' was an eyecatching beauty aswell :)

  9. Ha Xuan, Autumn Belle, lotusleaf, getting plants to flower is definitely going to be a big challenge for me. The flower you see here is already with the plant when I bought it. It developed slowly and as you can see the flower did not get to open fully.

    Andrea, you have just mentioned all the nice plants that produce inflorescences ;-) Recently, my sis-in-law passed me two little plants/kinds of Spathiphyllum and I have bought one little Anthurium. They have to grow up first before they can flower. Re: My garden, I can only 'show off' after a major makeover. Currently, I just have many containers all arranged at the perimeter of my house compound. Not so pleasant looking yet ;-)

    Bangchik, Mia, I have seen this flower (florist type) being used in weddings and magazines that covers wedding events. They certainly look very special. Recently, I see the plant selling at some of the shops here. The whole plant! So now, I am happy that I have the opportunity to grow it myself.

  10. I wonder if the cut flower in the vase last longer then the ones on the plant?
    Sometimes, the flower mature faster as nature design it to bear fruit.
    Hope you manage to revive your roses.

  11. Stephanie,
    It's so funny reading that a plant is withering from the heat when we're expecting a big snowfall here ;-) I think looking at your lovely blossoms will help me get through the cold, cruel Chicago winter. Happy New Year!

  12. Very pretty and elegant looking flower :) Quite a popular flower at weddings too.

  13. I love Calla Lily. Wasn't sure this was the one when you said you were bought it. I always thought it can only grow in cold weather, like in Cameron Highlands.

  14. Hi Steph. I grow a Calla Lily cultivar called Green Goddess. It's very pretty and likes to grow when the weather is cool. I got the seeds from Africa. I have since divided my plants and have scattered them around. They like a lot of water.

  15. The pictures of Calla Lilies remind me of my first home in California where they grew easily and also Bird of Paradise. Lovely photos!

  16. Hello Stephanie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see that you are following my Green Elevations blog. I don't regularly post on that one but I do post on the other blog that is mostly gardening oriented if you are interested!

  17. James Missier, good suggestion, thanks!

    Avis, sometimes it gets really hot here. Moreover, nowadays the weather has been quite unpredictable. It could be sunny in the morning and suddenly rain heavily in the afternoon.

    Deborah Ng, I think this plant would do better at your balcony garden - cooler temp and more shade.

    jules, yeah cooler weather should be better, not only for this plant but for many - the flower would perform better and last longer as well.

    Prospero, I also find that this plant likes lots of water. Green Goddess is beautiful!

    Diane AZ, wow how nice! California is definitely a good place to have both tropical and temperate climate plants.

    Rosey Pollen, I have check your other blog already. TQ for letting me know.

  18. eewww, it's that agla-beast again!!

    I love love love the calla lily though! The flowers are so simple and pretty, but I'm in love with the foliage. It I had a larger garden and had the patience to dig bulbs up in my zone like a friend does, I plant it just for that gorgeous foliage.

  19. Your calla lily bloom is lovely. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  20. the calla lily looks sooo delicate.

  21. Wendy, oh ok. I hope the leaves will grow faster and lusher then.

    MrBrownThumb, thanks :-)

    foobin, yeah, must keep the flower away from the sun.



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