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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whenever I am gardening or cooking, I would often think of new plants to grow, new ideas to write and even new recipes to try for that day... there's when I am most relaxed!

Sometimes in-between cooking, I would just go to the garden and do some watering or weeding.

I guess there is a connection between nature and us. I find that the green plants and colourful blooms give a calming and cheery effect on me.

So, I thought it would be good to bring some of those lovely blooms into the house? They have certainly made my kitchen look as warm and cheerful as my garden. Now as I cook I feel a lot more like cooking in the garden than in the the kitchen ;-)

Also, it is wonderful to see flowers blossoming right infront of my eyes. Just like these Gomphrenas... do you notice those inconspicuous
flowers in-between the bracts? Those micro beauties complete the globose flowerheads and made the blooom more delightful.

For me, ideas grow in stages, starting from one point and developing from there just like how a flower blossoms.

I am thankful that God blesses us with so many wonderful things in life that inspire us to become better and better... ;-)

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  1. Being surrounded with beauty makes us people happy, and flowers and greens makes me calm, so yes, I can see why you enjoy it so much. Your garden looks fantastic :)

  2. Hi Steph. I think that the odor of certain plants (herbs in particular) have a calming effect. I love to pick the leaves from my Allspice trees. When the leaves are bruised, they infuse the air with a heavenly scent.

  3. Hi Stef, you're so right! I love to bring plants into the house, it's gives us such a calming effect!

  4. The smell of the bay leaf gives me lift and whenever I go near the tree I pick a leaf and crush it to get that wonderful feeling. Flowers indoors makes a house a home.

  5. Lovely, It really looks very cheerful and lights up the mood.

  6. Yes, I agree. I love having beautiful flowers inside the home. It makes the home much cosier and prettier :)

  7. Beautiful plants, Stephanie. I would love to grow them indoors but they will die from lack of sunlight. I love my lotus's fragrance.

  8. Beautiful plants Stephanie !
    Have a nice day.

  9. Thanks Mia, lotusleaf, but I still think your garden is even better!

    Prospero, islandgal246, thanks for that suggestion. I have a peppermint that gives a strong smell even when I water it. The smell wakes me up ;-)

    Corinne, Deborah, Zindagi, it's delightful to watch flowers blossom right infront of us ;-)

    AaronVFT, lotus fragrance? It has been a long time since I smelt one.

    Crescendo, thanks for your compliments.

  10. I like the Gomphrenas which look so pretty in three colours. The pastel pink buttons are especially lovely, so are the tiny pink flowers among the purple globes.

  11. Nice post. You know, I don't think I do enough cutting in the garden and bringing in plants to enjoy indoors. I wish I did more of it and shared blooms with friends and family.

  12. Oh, me too! I would stick my head out to look at my plants and feel so happy!

    I love your Gomphrenas! Such lovely colours and so many blooms.

  13. When the leaves are bruised, they infuse the air with a heavenly scent.
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  14. Your plants and flowers look so nice indoors as well as outside. Indeed, nature is inspiring. I like to have some natural items near my computer like pine cones, rocks and leaves.

  15. I like the way you think! This is truly the reason why I garden, that connection that keeps me coming back for more!
    Beautiful pics!


  16. I know just what you mean Stephanie. I love bringing flowers indoors.

    Your containers look so pretty!

  17. You have written it, nature inspires in such
    ways that one desires, moves on to be better with oneself, flora/fauna and the others..
    Nice post.

  18. I love having fresh flowers in the house, too. It's great to be able to cut some right from the garden. That's one of the things I envy from gardeners with a lot of space - being able to have a cutting garden! You have some really colorful specimens here, is the pink rose-like one gloxinia?

  19. Autumnbelle, glad to know that you like that pastel pink Gomphrena.

    MBT, that's a nice thought. I would love to have many cut flowers to enjoy and share as well.

    Blur Ting, that's right, your garden is just infront you :-D

    Nishant, Dianne, thanks for your suggestion. Good idea!

    Rosey,Antigonum, thanks for those kind words.

    Garden girl, I am sure you would. You have so many beautiful blooms in your garden.

    Avis, although your balcony has limited space but you still manage to keep a really cool garden. You have made use of every space so well and I have picked up lots of good ideas from you (thx!). Yes, that's a Gloxinia :-)

  20. Stephanie, what a lovely idea to bring all these beauties into the kitchen. You are right it makes us very happy to be close to nature. I always cut a flower to put on my kitchen bench, mostly a rose; ah the scent, while I am cooking (and a sip of Campari; not every day LOL) Happy weekend Stephanie and enjoy your flowers like nobody else does.

  21. I really need to cut more blooms this year. In fact, that might be my resolution for this season. What a wonderful thing to be surrounded by fresh flowers as in your photos!

  22. You have time to do gardening while cooking?
    You must be a superwoman to do both at the same time. I can even phantom that with my family and all around. At the end of the day, I only manage to water my garden almost by midnight when the children are sleeping and getting prepared for the nextday for going to work.
    It sure must be heaven in being close to nature.

  23. they sure gives us a calming effect.

  24. Titania, rose? Wow that's so nice! Now I wish I can have roses as well.

    Wendy, I'm looking forward to seeing your garden flourish and blossom this spring.

    James, ha, ha... but when your children grow older, they can help you to water your plants.

    foodbin, yes they really do :-D



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