Cheery Dark Plants

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have recently added a few dark-coloured plants to my collection after being inspired by my new Chocolate Sunflower. Dark-coloured flowers and foliage are outstanding plants and they are interesting additions to a garden.
This dark purple Colocasia was the first one I bought. So far, the plant doesn't mind the sun at all. Moreover, the foliage looks even better when the sun is shinning brightly on it :-)

Next are plants that require shade... and fussy too! This dark purplish red cultivar sits very well next to my existing variegated green Peperomias.

The dark green-leaved African Violet, with pink double-petaled flowers, looks outstanding even when placed together with my Gloxinias that are much bigger in size. The nursery attendant was so kind to give me a special price for another two that were not in good condition - one with light green leaves and single-petaled white flowers (white bloom was what I was looking for in the first place!) and the other with variegated leaves but without blooms (I always like to give myself a surprise!).

I finally got hold of three African Violets...

And here is the darkest and tallest Chocolate Sunflower (about 5 feet high) among the three that I have. It has the most petals but the size is not much bigger though as the diameter of the flower is only about 4 inches.

Happy shopping for cheery dark plants for your garden!

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  1. Hi Steph! I haven't really gone nursery shopping hoping to bring back dark-coloured plants. But looking at your collection, I'm thinking...why not? Attractive collection and that maroon against the green makes the area look more interesting. Your Chocolate Sunflower took my breath away....!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Your African violets are blooming so well, I liked your dark peparomia too. I threw away some dark Colacasias because they were making the corner of the garden look gloomy.Have a fun weekend!

  3. Love them all, Steph. Although that Peperomia really does look stunning ... and your Sunflower is so fabulous! I'll have to think about those two for next year ... could do with a few more plants with such rich dark colours.

  4. Love these dark colours! I only have a blackish anthurium.

  5. An excellent idea combining dark colours with the "ordinary" ones, thus creating a nice contrast.

    I've always been fond of African violets, all of them really, but the ones with violet flowers in particular :)

  6. solch dunkle Farben leuchten in der Abenddämmerung irgendwie ganz besonders heftig. Die erste wächst bei mir auch, im Topf und zum Frost muß ich sie dann reinholen. Aber sie lebt schon einige Jahre!
    Heute Nachmittag besuche ich einen Japangarten, gibt bestimmt wieder neue Ideen!

    Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht

  7. I think dark colour plants are a wonderful addition to any garden. Yours are lovely.

  8. I am looking at your chocolate sunflower. Very nice, with rigid and wide petals. If you didn't write about it, I will forever get stuck with the notion that sunflowers are always yellow!!... you do have wide collection of potted plants.
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. Very nice. Be careful though, soon you'll be addicted to growing plants and flowers.

  10. Another good one is the alpinia "midnight". Its a ginger with jet black leaves!

  11. Love your chocolate collection. Somehow the darker coloured plants always gives the depth in the garden.
    If you like, try get the white ones placed together in the arrangement - the opposite colours will make the spot look mysterious.

  12. I love your chocolate collection as well! I love dark plants and their way to setting off the other plants. That red cultivar in the second photo is so interesting.

  13. Very nice, I like your collection.

    Dark plants do add interest and fun to the indoor and outdoor garden..

    Love the Colocasia" are they related to Elephant ears? the sunflower is very unique.

  14. Indeed, those are rare and outstanding colored plant for your garden.

  15. I never seen a dark purplish red cultivar before!

    The sunflower is really a cheer leader to your garden!

  16. hi Steph, i am glad i came to your blog, you know i just started to decorate my house with some plant, i really prefer gardening.

    will come back again to check your blog out, if you dont mind..

  17. African violet, so that's the name. Why do we call it St. Paula ? The first two I've seen in green for indoor, never in red dark colours, smashing! And your sun flower, a real dark beauty, looks somehow familier..

    Have a nice week :)

  18. Mia, we are more familiar with the common name, African violet rather than the plant's botanic name. My friend used to grow AV in her office. It does grow well indoor here also.

    Vetsy, yes it's related to elephant's ear ;-)

    Thanks all for your encouraging words!

  19. African Violets are one of my favorite indoor flowering plants.
    That chocolate sunflower is elegant. I love it.

  20. Hi Steph, Is it true that plants with colored foliage would give out more brilliant colour when placed under the sun, like your Colocasia?

    The African Violets that your recently got look very dainty and pretty! Nice additions to your garden indeed!

  21. Hi Stephanie! My name is Bảo Châu and I'm Vietnamese. The color of your Sunflower is very strange for me. May I have some seeds of your Chocolate Sunflower??
    P.s: I'm sorry if I said something wrong. I'm Asian and I'm not 13 years old yet. I will be waiting for your answer

    1. Hello Bao Chau! Yes that's an extraordinary sunflower but after that... I forgot about re-sowing. Hence I don't have any viable seeds now. So sorry :-(



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