Pretty Sweet in Pink

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Started this Episcia from a stolon that was given by my sister-in-law about six months ago. Now the plant is flowering for the first time. Its bright pink tubular flowers look really striking against the dark chocolate leaves.

The other plant that's in bloom at the same time is Lantana. When I bought it two months ago, there was no flowers. Later the plant grew a few umbels. After they have spent, I pruned the plant a little.
Now, I am glad the plant has grown bushier and flourished more flowers.

It is also amazing to watch how the outer flowers open before the inner ones. Their colours first appear in white/yellow and slowly turn pink/orange later.

Although Lantana is a little smelly, their nectar is a sweet treat for butterflies.

Below is not a reflection of above picture. This morning, the same butterfly sipped nectar from my Vinca Periwinkle which co-incidently has a pink dot.

It has been quite an interesting day for me. Watching those little flowers blossoming and me, snapping pictures here and there. I hope your weekend/day would be a good one!

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  1. I love Episcia . Your post reminds me to buy one. The butterfly seemss to enjoy your garden:) Have a nice day!

  2. That is a gorgeous Episcia. I only have the common red one, but this little pink is not readily available here. You're so lucky to have this lovely thing.

    Lovely Lantana ... and the butterfly looks so familiar. Lantana grows everywhere in the bushland around my home ... it's a noxious weed here and hubbie spends a fortune on poison to try and kill it off. Our city council sends people out to check on the progress of eradication of this weed. There are mounds of it out there that reach well over 2 metres high and stretch over 3 metres wide! It does look lovely when in full bloom ... but, of course, it kills off so many other plants.

  3. Wow! That episia is gorgeous! Love your lantana and periwinkle too!

  4. I'm always amazed when seeing butterflies, such pretty creatures. And impressed that anyone can take photoes, well done Steph, they always fly away when I reach the camera.

  5. I am like Mia, most of the time the butterflies are too fast for me! Your pics are great. I like these close-ups!

  6. So pretty Stephanie! I haven't seen episia before. I love lantana, even the scent - it has a scent like an herb. It makes me a little itchy to handle it though. I wish I could grow them here. We don't have enough sun. I love how they attract butterflies. Your butterfly photos are wonderful!

  7. One of my love-hate relationships with the Episcia also known as flame violets.
    Still have not discovered their success secret yet, so far, they are surviving in my garden.
    Have you manage to propagate from the ones you have pruned?

  8. The butterflies really love the lantanas. They are certainly enjoying your pretty pink blooms.

  9. Hi James, I didn't repropagate yet. This plant, the stolon was rooted in my garden. So, I can tell you that it was not difficult. But, the stolon that was in light green (flower could be yellow) is really difficult to propagate. The leaves keep wilting.

  10. I agree with Bernie, lantanas in the wild are so obnoxious, it is the same in our marginal lands. However, the hybrid ones are my favorite to look at because of the many colors, but i don't have any of them, only in the bushes in the wild. I've outgrown growing episcia, they are easy to care for. BTW, Steph, i think you did not read my post, you just looked at the photos, hehehe!

  11. He Steph. Very nice Episcia! Lanata is grown widely in Bermuda.

  12. yeah the Lantana is smelly and the leaves are very coarse and rough.

  13. Mia, Rosey, I was lucky this time. I snapped when the butterfly was fully focussing on sipping nectar. Otherwise, you are right, they fly away quickly.

    Lantana also grows in the wild here but those can really grow tall and lanky. As for Episcia, although they are usually grown for their ornamental foliage but their flowers are as appealing. Have a great day everyone :-D



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