Beba's Garden

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whenever Beba sends me pictures of her garden, I will always admire them for some time. Her plants are not only healthy but are arranged together to create very extra-ordinary effect - glorious! The pics you see here are of different years of the balconies on the West side of her house.

Beba does not blog and is really humble about her garden. Already a grandmother but still maintaining an active lifestyle by gardening, painting, working and a responsible owner to Zara, her dog.

Beba is passionate about growing vines and plants of both native and exotic to her country, Slovenia. The climate where she stays is equivallent to Zone 6 in the US.

All the plants are grown (with lots of hard work!) within a season.

Also, she has been sharing with me the fertiliser she made out of comfrey and nettle. And recently she is following bokashi composting. All these are still new to me but I hope one day I could do likewise.

Currently, one of Beba's favourite plants is the Nong Nooch vine. I was influenced to have one in my garden too...

Thanks Beba for such a beautiful garden that's so inspiring!

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  1. Oh my lands! How wonderful and lush her garden looks. One she should be very proud about too. I love the cascading vines and grasses. Thanks for sharing her garden.

  2. Wonderful garden. It looks realy nice.
    So much plants that we here in Sweden just can dream about.

    Wich you a nice day.

  3. What an inspiring post! So artistically done and so beautiful! Thanks for posting these gorgeous pictures, Steph!

  4. Oh my, Beba's garden is delightful! I like the ornamental grasses that look like fountains. I had not heard of bokashi composting, but it sounds fascinating. :D

  5. Beba's garden is beautiful, and so artfully arranged. Extraordinary effect, indeed! It is humbling to see such beauty and garden mastery.

  6. Awesome gardens Beba has. What a beautiful balcony and the colors on the foliage are so striking.

  7. Beba has a beautiful garden! I'm speechless!

  8. Stephanie, Thank you for sharing photos of such beauties. I think Bokashi Composting is very much like the garbage enzyme that we make.

  9. Beba's garden is splendid! It looks like a resort to me. I would love to have such a garden in my house...I guess I wouldn't leave home then...hee..hee.

    Nong Nooch vine ~ mmm what a unique name. What is the plant like, Steph? The blooms look beautiful. Do the flowers exude any fragrance?

  10. Hi Stephanie, I thought it looked very European. The Garden and the balcony exuberant with plants and flowers is amazing and absolutely gorgeous.
    Tell Beba she is a master gardener!

  11. Amazing, and all this grown in one season. A spectacular sight Bebas balcony makes. Lovely, and that pink grass, like it all. I red of bokashi compost, thinking of it myself. Thank you for showing :)

  12. That's a really beautiful garden! I love the yellow vine too.

  13. I am just drooling over that one! Thanks for sharing that with us, Steph!

  14. Thanks for sharing Beba's Garden! It is amazing.

  15. great house and garden, so nice to meet one of your gardening friends and her garden, Steph.

  16. Oh my, its such a beautiful garden. Lots of TLC in the making of this garden. It looks like it belong to fairy tales.

  17. Beba's garden is really stunning. Thanks for sharing with us all those beautiful photos.
    The Nong Nooch vine is a tropical vine, isn't it? Is there another name to it? I saw some locals selling the vine here but they call it by another name, of course :-)
    Have you noticed any growth on your amaryllis bulbs yet?

  18. What a spectacular garden. Her plants and flowers are all so beautiful and lush! Drooling.... this should be published in a magazine, where more people can get to drool! ^..^

  19. JC, the vine is good in giving a cascading effect. Easy-to-grow. Quite a tame vine and does not hold on to the any support... just cascade. Has to be fertilised for prolific flowering. Fragrance? hmm... I don't recall any. Sorry I do not have a sensitive nose for fragrance unless it's a really strong one.

    Ha Xuan, yes it's a tropical vine. Another name?... perhaps something related to 'gold'... due to the striking yellow bracts. As for my bulbs, still nothing yet. Just noticed a daughter-bulb coming out from one of the bulbs... sigh...

    All, this glorious garden is too good to be kept to myself. Thanks for expressing your applause and encouraging remarks for Beba :-D

  20. I like the first shot in particular. An alpine paradise. Beba is a talented gardener.

  21. What a beautiful garden! I'm so envious of how green and lush it is. Beba seems to have an amazing green thumb.

  22. wow, that's so pretty - it's like a flower show display!

  23. Thanks for all Stephanies friends for so lovable comments. Many of you I know through blogs and I regularly monitor what is happening in your gardens. I admire your passion and commitment and I learn from each of you.
    Thank you all, to make my day, to teach me new things, or put me in front of new challenges. MOST OF ALL I LIKE that love for plants can bring people from all around the world together in such a beautiful friendships. THE WORLD IS BETTER PLACE.

    I will always be a silent reader and admirer of all of you. Enjoy the beauty of your gardens.
    Stephanie, thanks again for so lovely presentation.




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