Bells Ringing... Trumpets Blowing!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I am so amazed by this variegated purple oxalis. The plant is grown from just roots given by a friend. Its leaves and flowers sprung out from the soil all within a span of two weeks only! I attribute this success to the strong and healthy roots.

Meanwhile, the other oxalis-looking plant that I have (that I consider as a weed!) grows in a few of my potted plants. I just leave this weed alone as it makes a wonderful campanion. Sometimes I even see tiny yellow flowers blossoming.

Meanwhile my Chinese Bellflowers have returned. After the first flush of blooms, the plants just dried up. The plants re-grew and flourished marvellous blooms. But this light pink one looks a bit shy, hiding behind some dianthus flowers...

The sizes of the double-blue Chinese Bellplant below including the flowers shrunk to about two-third of the original size though. Perhaps not enough nutrients, he he...

Trumpet-shaped Petunia flowers have sticky surface. Also, many times I had mistakenly cut off new buds instead of spent flowers. Now the plant is down to one-third its original size (the branches grown so long... crazy!). I hope to see it returning to bloom soon :-D

As for my Verbena, it's growing wonderfully in the full sun but on one super hot day, the flowers were 'bleached' out by the strong sun ray :-(

Well, I learnt that verbena means 'pray for me'... hence is a flower to give to request for prayer or perhaps like the bells at the church, to call for all parishioners to pray! The flower also means 'herb of the Cross' or 'holy herb' as the flowers were believed to have been used to stop the bleeding from the wounds of Jesus.

Hearing any 'bells' or 'trumpets' yet?

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  1. Beautiful blooms, Steph. I like the verbena but don't seem to have much luck with them in my cool garden. Perhaps they prefer warmer weather.

  2. Thanks for the lovely pictures, Steph. Even for a non-gardening person like me, I can appreciate the beauty of God's wonderful creation!

  3. I didn't know all that about verbena, interresting facts. Chinese bellfowers are impressiv I find, your white flower reminds me of a lily. And that first oxalis, beautiful contrast between 'black and white'.

  4. beautiful. I especially love the balloon flower. So they bloom, die back and rebloom?

  5. Those are lovely bells and trumpets to hear today. Interesting info on the verbena. I never knew that. And such pretty balloon flowers! That yellow woodsorrel is a prominent weed fixture in my garden as well. I'm forever pulling it, and it is forever returning.

  6. Steph, i learned things from this post, which i took for granted earlier because i don't plant them, just like oxalis having roots as planting parts. That blue variegated bellplant is new to me though.

  7. The Chinese bell flower is new to me. The blue flowers look gorgeous- they don't look famished at all- he he!The information about verbena is very interesting. Thanks.

  8. the little weed with yellow flower is pretty. they were in our pots too at Putrajaya.

  9. I was just admiring those yellow flowers on oxalis weed in my Mom's garden yesterday. I had purple verbena before but they don't seem to last long. Your flowers are all very pretty.

  10. Hello Stephanie
    these beautiful blooms correctly well, particularly in now do to my eye with me, cloud season.
    I do not have so much time to the bloggen, work degrees so much.
    A beautiful day I wish and love you greetings

  11. Your flowers are quite interesting. The Chinese Bellflower is new to me. The trumpet-shaped petunia has nice colors. The information of the Verbena is also good to know.

  12. Stephanie your flowers are so beautiful. I miss mine. LOL! I love the purple oxalis. How pretty it looks with the pink blooms. I have just got to get a pink Bellflower. Yours looks so pretty.
    I am going to have to feast on your flowers now that mine are gone. Thanks for the eye candy.

  13. You ahve many beautiful flowers! Your Petunia look good! I have brown thumb with Petunia!

  14. Your flowers are very beautiful! I have sadly neglected my garden for the past few weeks and it shows!! Been really busy lately! Sigh...

  15. Ah ... as usual Stef, you amaze me with your garden! So nice to see that all you plants are blooming! I am so happy for you!

  16. Your oxalis is so marvelous. I have the weed growing and dangling in some of my pots. I guess its known as clover - wonder if you get the 4 leafed one for luck.

  17. I have the weed in some of my pots and I don't want to remove them. They have pale lavender flowers. The yellow ones are few and the leaves/blooms are tinier than the green ones. Your flowers are healthy and beautiful! I have never grown the Chinese Bellplant. Must be on the lookout now:)

    Loved reading about the verbena. Very pretty photos! Happy gardening!

  18. I like all your flowers. Since I don't have any of them. I glad you share your flowers with us.

  19. Lovely post, Steph!
    I grow verbena because it blooms forever but now will love it even more with it's folklore.

    yes, some 'weeds' provide the prettiest flowers ;)
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Thanx for sharing all these beautiful blooms with us. I did not know that is what Verbena meant. It is sweet!
    Your Petunias are very florific!

  21. Wonderful pictures of your flower.
    I really like the double bell.
    Interesting things you teach us about the flowers.
    Have a nice day.

  22. a very pretty collection! I didn't know about the meaning of verbena. The verbena I planted this year needed no prayers - those plants are wonderful!

  23. Pretty, very pretty bells and trumpets in the colours of the rainbow. The purple Oxalis is attractive and I wonder if it is not as invasive as the others. A pretty thing with pink flowers, but oh so naughty, very invasive, I am eliminating it for ever!

  24. Bom dia Stephanie
    Suas plantas estão cada dia mais lindas!
    Aquela planta daninha parece ser um trevo - desses comuns de três folhas.
    Dia 2 de novembro, aqui no Brasil, celebramos o 'Dia de Finados', em homenagem aos nossos parentes e amigos que já partiram. Seu post, para mim, é uma verdadeira homenagem também à natureza!
    Que suas flores continuem sempre belas!

  25. I especially like your variegated purple oxalis and Chinese bellplant. Always fun to see what's happening in your garden. :)

  26. How beautiful Stephanie!

    I love the purple oxalis. I have two pots of it here that I've been overwintering indoors for a few years. They are so pretty, both the blooms and the foliage.



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