Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit is just around the corner! Very soon it will be a week of feasting and good break from my normal schedule.

But right now, some the flowers in my garden seem to remind me of things that I need to get! Orange Hibiscus flowers made me think of mandarin oranges. They are juicy and good to have after munching loads of crunchy cookies.

Meanwhile these returning red Verbena blooms have so few flowers and leaves. Hopefully my pocket would not be like that after I have put some money into the angpow packets to be given away... hehe.

Notice the yellow Nong Nooch flowers draping next the bunch of blue Thunbergia flowers in the pic below? Their yellowish golden look reminds me of gold nuggets... haha, I am a dreamer for everything that glitters :-D

Hmmm... I'm suddenly inspired to wear a gold bracelet :-)

Oh, here are the sweet fragrance of Narcissus and Hyacinth. Well, for the Hyacinth, I have to put the flowers close to my nose to be able to have a sniff of the scent. Nonetheless, they remind me of the good hospitality of my in-laws... they not only cook well, they are my gardening sifus (teachers).

This link provides information on Chinese New Year. Have fun reading :-D

Mandarin orange is called kam in Cantonese, a homophone of 'luck' and 'fortune'. Red packets or lai see (in Cantonese) is passed out from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors. Elderly also gives red packets to those younger. Gold meanwhile is another symbol of good fortune during Chinese New Year.

And getting flowers to add to the decor of one's home is one of the common practices. Some people say that if your Narcissus blooms on Chinese New Year, you will prosper throughout the year... haha.

To all my Asian friends, enjoy the holiday and to my Chinese friends, blessed Chinese New Year!

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  1. Your flowers are all lovely. Love their cheerful, beautiful colours. You are amusing! Like your sense of humour! I have extended an award to you. Please drop by to collect it when you can. No hurry! Thank you.
    Wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  2. Hi Steph. I adore your orange hibiscus. They are such cheery blooms. And the Thunbergia flowers are so beautiful.I imagine the hummingbirds would love those. Happy New Year and may it be filled with blessings and prosperity.

  3. I've never seen a blue thunbergia flower in person before, it looks stunning. You have such nice flowers, Steph. I'm always glad to visit your blog and see what you have blooming.

  4. hello Steph, you have lots of blooms for the Chinese New Year, you must be very lucky! haha. Where did you get those hyacinth bulbs, i didnt know it can grow in our very hot weather. If only i can see them here, i will certainly try them. Your cyclamen are productive and healthy too. I dont grow them as they are susceptible to very hot climes.

  5. WOW!! Love your blooms, especially the hyacinth and narcissus. Sadly, they don't last very long here. The orange hibiscus has such a soft lovely colour!

  6. oh, how flowers affect our lives... they act as milestones.., constant reminder on things we have not done. Like alarm clock to get up. Happy New year, Selamat Makan Besar (term my Chinese friends like to say). ~bangchik and kakdah

  7. Selamat Tahun Baru Cina. I did not realise narcissus can grow at tanahairku. See? My lack of knowledge with flowers. So you are my flower gardening sifu.

  8. Hi Steph!
    Blessed Chinese New Year to you too!!
    Lovely hibiscus and verbena blooms there!! I have been trying to grow the Verbenas too but they always seem to have a season to themselves. Hope the coming months will be warmer, and kickstart the blooming season for many flowers including your Verbenas!!

  9. Lovely blooms as always. Wish you a happy Chinese New Year. May all your wishes be fulfilled in the new year!

  10. The orange hibiscus is really pretty... would love to have one here at my potager but too cold...

  11. Xīn Nián Kuài Lè, Stephanie. I really liked this post. You had me smiling while reading it. Send some angpow over, will you. Hehehe.
    I have a little Chinese blood (maybe a drop or two left) so we don't celebrate CNY although we do enjoy the holiday. Strangely enough, my wife who has no Chinese ancestry at all adheres to some of the CNY advice of feng shui masters. I guess it doesn't hurt and there is nothing to lose, yes? :-D

  12. Hi Steph, all the blooms look brilliant for the Chinese New Year. Especially, how did you get your Chinese narcissus to bloom like that? Please share.

  13. Dear Stephanie,

    What a beautiful flowers for this year Chinese New Year! Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

    Jenny ;~D

  14. aloha,

    i always do that to my snapdragon flowers to..what fun.

    all the colors in your garden are amazing, thanks for sharing them

  15. That red flower of your first photo looked like a little bunny Steph. Always admire your lovely blooms. Have a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year to you and family!

  16. Happy feasting, happy flowers, may they always bloom at the right time to give you luck and good fortune. I agree with p3chandan's comment above: the first flower looks like a bunny rabbit.

  17. Hi Stephanie, Happy Chinese New Year. Your pretty
    flowers promise you lots of colour and happiness in this year. I am born in the year of the rabbit; Good luck.

  18. Happy Chinese New Year! Great Hyacinth and Narcissus.

  19. Thanks for the award, kitchen flavours :-D

    Lona, MBT, this thubergia is really productive in flowering also!

    Andrea, gotten them from a nursery here.

    Aaron, especially Hyacinth. The bloom lasted for a few days only.

    Bangchik, ha ha... I really had 'makan besar'. And now I have to 'makan kecil' hehe...

    Malay-Kadazan Girl, Ha Xuan, actually the grower gotten the bulbs to bloom. I wish one day I will get to know the process. For now, I just watch the bulbs grow leaves and buds/flowers ;-).

    Alvin, unfortunately it's still quite rainy these days ;-(

    Lotusleaf, Lrong, Jenny, Titania, One, thanks. And I hope your garden will have plenty of pretty blooms as well.

    Bom, agree ;-D

    noel, p3chandan, catmint, actually this plant, Antirrhinum is also called bunny rabbit plant by some people. It's quite fascinating to see the flower opens up like a 'mouth' like that and showing 'teeth'!

  20. Hi Steph,

    Wishing you a fun-filled New Year!

    Oh, awesome flowers! Loved their colors!


  21. Hallo Step´h!
    As usually, you have so much beautiful flower to show us. :)
    Which you a happy new year and thanks for your wisite on my blog.

  22. Your garden is definately in festive mood! Happy Chinese New Year and hope you had wonderful time with your family!

  23. Happy Chinese New Year Stephanie!!!
    I wonder what was the first red flower you posted there.
    Is it an orchid?

  24. Asha, Gudrun, Malar, thanks! I hope you have had a great week as well.

    James, that's antirrhinum.

  25. hi steph, i'm curious and whr u got ur narcissus and how much u got it for =) it's gorgeous ^^



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