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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scarlet Sage is a short little shrub that has made my garden really pretty last month with its brilliant red flowers. What I like most about this plant is that the spike of flowers make up half the height of the plant - very showy indeed!

Now the flowers are all gone. I hope the plant will regrow and reflower as I would love to plant it together with a Garden Sage later. Not only because they are from the same genus, Salvia, but I think they can look nice growing together. Garden Sage has rough, pebbly-textured, grey-green leaves that will probably make the Scarlet Sage flowers shine even more.

Btw, anyone heard of this folklore before: "He who would live for aye, must eat sage in May" Hmm... how come in May only? For me, it's nice to have sage in the garden, harvest a few leaves, cut them into small pieces and add them to the omelete in the pan when the egg is about done... yum, yum!

This petite Water Lily grew and blossomed rather quickly. My sister-in-law passed me the tubers last month. Leaves quickly sprouted, followed by this first flower, a sun loving one...

Like my dwarf Dahlia, Gerbera Daisy's bloom also opened unevenly. Perhaps the bad weather has caused them to grow this way...

I love the sight of my Sarracenia now. Since I discarded a number of dried pitchers weeks ago, new pitchers are crowding the pot again...

I am still waiting for my Hyacinth and Orchid's flowers to bloom. Hope to see them soon. Have a great week!

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  1. Lovely colours in your garden Steph, especially water lily and gerbera, though I havent seen Sarracenia before, they look unique. Thanks for sharing the use of sage in a cooking, always wondering how to use them!

  2. Hello Steph,

    Your water lily is so stunning! I have always admired those.
    Sage is always a does well in our tough climate here.

  3. Salvia always has a place in my garden ... they add great colour and form. How wonderful to see your Water Lily in bloom ... it's certainly is stunning. My Gerberas sometimes open unevenly too, and I think it's as a result of being pummelled by the rain. Gorgeous Sarracenia!

  4. I like the shape of your Sarracenia, a speciel plant that is for me. Your sage has a lovely red colour, I had something similarlast summer I think, a 'pineapple-sage' they called it, wonder why? Anyhow, I share your taste for sage, i love the taste, especially together with garlic, yummie :)

  5. A lovely garden update.
    Your waterlily is so cute. Hope you have more blooms often.

  6. Your water lily is beautiful! Your sage looks healthy. I have just thrown mine away, it got infested by little black bugs and this is not the first pot of sage that was destroyed. Beware of tiny black bugs, they seem to love sage and rosemary and will leave other plants alone! I gave up on sage, at least, for the time being! :)

  7. Your scarlet sage is so pretty, our other Salvia doesn't perform well in the province because sometimes water is limiting. I hope i can find that for my mother, she likes bold colors.

  8. Your pitcher plant is so cool. They are so interesting. And fresh sage in an omelet sounds so yummy!

  9. What a coincidance our gerbera too has not opened properly. Some people say you can use sage leaves to whiten your teeth.

  10. So many pretty blooms Stephanie! I love them all, even the not-quite-perfect gerbera. I especially love your sweet little water lily and pitcher plant!

  11. Your sage looks so pretty and what a cute waterlily. Thank you for the website about Kalanchoe care.I will have to stick mine in a darker location for a while.

  12. You have pretty bloom in your garden! I like your waterlily! I have brown thumb with aqatic plants! They don't do well here!
    Sage in May? Me too wondering why!

  13. Great post; hope your Orchids bloom alright... I always have the hardest time to keep them alive :(

  14. Wow !
    All your flowers are too beautiful and colorful.
    I hope to be planting some flowers and tomatoes this summer(gave up on it last year)
    I don't have that special way with plants.
    I'd love a green thumb, especially today :)

  15. Stephanie, sorry I am late. You can take tip cuttings from the red sage plant and plant them in a pot in a shady place. This will give you more plants later.

  16. Your red sage sure did put on a show and now your Sarracenia looks amazing and petite water Lily is sweet!

  17. Impressive! The White lily resembles an angel. :)

  18. That is a very pretty water lily! You know, of course, that my favorite of your pictures is that of your sarracenia, right? Their form is wonderful to look at. Your picture and those of Sarracenia Dude are inspiring. For some reason I don't have the touch for Sarracenia. Mine is currently in the plant ICU and barely holding on to life. Any tips will be much appreciated.

  19. The water lily is so pretty...

  20. Bom, for Sarracenia, the media (sphagnum moss) cannot dry out. Place a plate at the bottom of the pot so that there is always water for the plant and grow it in a bright shade that will have direct sunlight. Good luck!

    Bernie, I agree. Thanks for sharing!

    Malay-Kadazan girl, sage can whiten teeth? That's good news :-D

    lotusleaf, thanks for your advice :-)

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments. Have a great day and happy blogging/gardening!

  21. Thanks Stephanie! I don't let it dry out but it really doesn't seem to be surviving. Maybe I just don't have the touch. :-(

  22. Wonderful pictures, Steph!! All your blooms look great...despite the gerbera not opening fully!Your water lily is beautiful and the Sarracenia is most interesting!



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