Patience I Must Have...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This week, I'm just keeping a record of some of the seeds and bulbs that I have planted for easier reference later. I must confess that I do not have a detailed record of my garden plants. I just jot down in a notebook the date I have sown the seeds.

So far, only Amaranthus Torch and Amaranthus Illumination have germinated.

Calla Lily hybrid bulbs (Mango, Majestic Red and Black Eyed Beauty) rooted really fast but the leaves are growing slowly. The pic below shows the plants after about two weeks of planting the bulbs...

The Arisaema Speciosum that I have planted at the same time as the Calla Lily hybrds has not shown any sign of growth yet. I wonder if this bulb requires a lot more time to grow...

And these bulbs, Nectaroscordum Siculum and Fritillaria Lutea, I have rooted them in the fridge for about four months. And ten days later, while I see that the tip of one of the Nectaroscordum Siculum bulbs has turned green, I didn't see any sign of growth from the Fritillaria Lutea yet.

This is my first time planting bulbs. I have no idea how fast or how slow they will take. I just hope that they are still alive ;-) In fact, one of the Fritillaria bulbs has rotted in the fridge.

In the pic below is the one that has rooted but no sign of growth yet. Have you any experience in planting Fritillaria or any of the above-mentioned bulbs? I would love to know your experience.

Last week, I was surprised by the Hibiscus Red Shield. I saw its seed pods! It has not even happened to my other Hibiscus plants (Rosa-Sinenses) before. I'm glad that the pods hang on to the plant really strong. Weeks of rain did not smashed them :-D

My other highlight was an Aglaonema plant gift which came complete with the pot. The nursery owner who gave me this plant told me to have this plant placed at home (blog) so that I will always remember him ;-)

Below is a pic of my Verbena. The blue is so striking. Even my neighbour noticed the striking flowers :-)

Happy gardening!

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  1. Hello Stepanie

    your plant pictures please me always much!
    So slowly it goes here also forward, the trees shows first green and the tulips shows the first blooms.
    Many dear thanks for your cordial comment, I very much about it were pleased. Unfortunately have I really so little time, now, where also the garden needs again my Kraft, laugh.

    loves greetings

  2. I don't know anything about your plants except the verbena. So pretty. Hope you are having a good day.

  3. Hi Stephanie, hier is the url for a website planting frittilaria bulbs.
    Generally I think frits are a strict cold climate bulb, but you might just have had a bad bulb. I am sure you with your green thumbs can grow them.
    the verbena really stands out and looks superb.

  4. I am glad all your plants show signs of growing well. Hope to see their flowers soon:)

  5. Knowing how good you are in taking care of your plants, those seeds will turn out very beautifully in a little while. If only i'm near you i will ask to barter our goodies, haha!

  6. Patience you must have, patience you do have. I don't even jot down what I have in the garden.

  7. I don't know anything about growing flower bulb. But I got some daffodil and jonquail bulb from a seed-saver friend. I think I must have ask her so many question about how to grow them. I am sure they will grow well in your TLC. I am always surprise how pretty cool climate flower bloom in your garden.

  8. It is good you keep a record. I forget everything nowadays so I think the blog helps with that.
    Keep on sowing those seeds....

  9. I hope the bulbs grow healthy and flaunt lovely flowers!

  10. Hi Steph. It is always amazing how you can plant seeds or bulbs at the same time and some just go right to growing and others do not. I have geraniums and petunias at all sizes planted the same time. LOL! What a special, beautiful gift that was and how thoughtful. Your verbena is gorgeous!

  11. Patience isn't the easiest to remain I find, you are doing great, most of your seeds and bulbs seems to grow. I'm still waiting for my eucomis, there is no sign yet of life.. I have a few different kinds of frittilaria in my garden, they seem to do well under covers of snow but they aren't the first spring bulbs to flower so patience, they still have a chance.

  12. soon you will have many little seedling to tend for!
    You keep note of the seeds? and label them? That's great! I never do that and end up wondering which is which ! ahhahahaa....

  13. I'm sure you'll be able to get those bulbs to grow - you have a really green thumb!

  14. Hello Steph! You have a very interesting blog with beautiful photographs. I must confess that I never make a note of anything in my garden but I am going to take inspiration from you now and make a start!
    And thanks for dropping by my blog!

  15. I agree, that blue is striking... I have blue clitoria ternatea, known as bunga nasi kerabu to Kelantanese... It's weed to them here, so nobody turn their heads. aha!

  16. Thanks all. And Titania, thanks for that link. It's helpful.

  17. Where did you buy calla lily bulbs?

  18. Hi, these were given by a friend ;-)



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