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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last two weeks, I was enjoying the sight of some tiny blooms that appeared in my garden. This Verbena started flowering two weeks ago. The little blooms are so delightful and it is the brightest little gift that I have ever received... thanks to a special friend ;-)

I spotted a tiny fruit from my little Acerola bush. This cute little fruit took more than a week to develop (grow in size) but it only took about a day for it to turn totally red. The fruit dropped after a heavy rain.

The fruit tasted a little sour. I am glad the bird did not get to it first!

I was happy to notice this bunch of Angel Wing Begonia flowers while watering a pot of plant that was placed on the floor. These flowers were growing below the leaves. To get a full glimpse of the flowers, I have to look at them from below...

This was the smallest flower of the week! My Cryptanthus gave me a surprise with its tiny white blooms. I didn't expect to see them as the plant wasn't showing any sign that it will flower earlier. These white flowers just appeared out of a sudden.

My Copper Leaf Plant meanwhile has not been growing healthily for so long. I am happy that the plant is finally flowering.

Persian Violet... I love its cute flowers and glossy foliages. The mildly scented flowers are quite remarkable eventhough the size is small.

This is another happy find... Ice Plant. Its variegated leaves are as attractive as the red flowers :-D

My Clematis grew again and now flowering after I had pruned the plant about a month ago. The old vines did flower but attracted some pest, which was why I pruned the plant earlier. But does Clematis bloom on new vines only?

Lastly, here is a pink Dahlia plant in full bloom. It's a new plant in my garden! I brought home this plant while waiting for my dwarf Dahlia to re-flower.

Happy growing flowers of all sizes!

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  1. So many sweet blooms and I love the leaves of your Cryptanthu and copper leaf plant. Great pictures Steph!

  2. Your Copper leaf plant has a fantastic coulor and a bit scaring too,reminds me of some kind of snake skin.. but not more then I find it excating.
    Clematis, there are different groups, when to prun and how they flower. Search the net you will find answer for yours. It's filled flowers are beautiful :)

  3. Wow! You have so many flowers blooming in your garden! I like your begonia!

  4. I always thought that Clematis was a cold climate plant! Now i know...such pretty one! The Ice plant is new to me. A treat to see all these blooms from your garden.

    Glad I could comment now. I tried yesterday and the comment box never showed up. Have a great week!!

  5. You always have lovely blooms in your garden! It makes a pleasing site to come home to!

  6. Lovely cuties.
    Every time i visit your blog my "have list" increases. Each time i discover something new and exciting

  7. The little flowers bring so much joy :) Very pretty indeed... sometimes we notice these flowers only if we look a bit longer!

  8. Stephanie, you have so many unusual flowers! I could not send a comment because the blogger was acting funny. But I read all your posts and enjoy them.

  9. OMG Stef! What a coincedance, my Mother-in-law gave me a pot of Persian Voilet ONLY yesterday! I was going to take a photo and blog it and ask you if you knew what plant this is called!

    Looks like I don't have to now! Thanks Stef :-))

  10. Yeah! Your comments are working now and I can tell you how beautiful your blooms are.
    The Cryptanthus reminds me of rattlesnake skin! Very cool plant.

  11. You always amazed me with beautiful blooms that I know won't be easy to take care of living in tropical weather. I had problem commenting on both of your blog several time. This time it let me comment. yeah!

  12. Good looking blooms, Steph! I'm pretty sure you have an idea that the flowering Cyptanthus is my favorite of them all.

  13. I love the pics and the plants, and congrats on coining a wonderful new word.

  14. I have always love visiting your garden virtually. You always have nice varieties of plants and blooms to share with us! Thanks for bringing such pleasure to me!

  15. It's great to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words. Also, for coming back even when you weren't able to comment earlier :-D Have a wonderful day!

  16. Super post. Great little fruit. Don't people do something special with this fruit. Like a vitamin or something. Can't remember. And did I see a shot of an aloe in there? You didn't say what kind but it has cool looking leaves. Your garden is really looking beautiful!



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