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Sunday, June 05, 2011

The sun is back! So are some of the flowers that are in my garden :-)

I want to specially mention my little Balsams. They were started from seeds. The first batch of Balsams were more than 1 foot high and all red flowers. They reseeded and now the flowers come in more colours but they are much shorter. Here is a pink one...

A white Balsam...

Of course the original red Balsam...

And in the pic below you will be able to see how short they have became. The first batch of Balsams were taller than the Coleus. Now they are much shorter. Mini Balsams?

My Ixora and Plumbago are forever blooming and they really stand out in the sun.

In this pot, I have mixed two Plumbagos - white and blue. I took the pic below in the morning coz when the sun is shinning brightly, you will not be able to see the two colours.

These hydrangea blooms... they will be pink shortly and then turn green in the last stage.

Guzmania is looking radiant with its glossy maroon bracts. I love the fact that the bracts are very long lasting.

Here is a combo that I started with Ice Plant and Coleus cuttings, and two young Calliope Hybrid Geraniums (one is flowering).


I hope they will grow well together ;-)

Enjoy the sun everyone!

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  1. Balsam have never been grown in our garden here. Your balsam look so pretty I am tempted to try growing them come next warm season.

  2. Anything grown from seed gives gardeners more of a sense of accomplishment. I'm sure you are extra happy that your balsams look so good. Your other blooms look just as good too.

  3. Great plants Steph and you maintain them well.

    I never grow balsams and plumbagos, I really wonder about their growing habits. I am thinking of incorporating them in the same containers as my roses. Steph, mind me asking how tall and vigorous these 2 plants are? I don't want them to eat up my roses. Thanks

  4. Multicolours from same seeds? Wow! I only have the red variety! 2nd batch are still red!
    You have many plants in your garden!

  5. Lovely blooms, Balsams are such a lovely plant to have.

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog

  6. Hi Steph, have you seen my previous balsam post? It seems i havent seen you visiting my site now, hahaha! You missed out fun with One, africanaussie and kanak.

  7. I really adore your plumbago, Steph. It looks great!

  8. Steph, I love your planters! Pretty balsam, the red ones, especially. I have the pale pink ones. They reseed and do well on their own. But I don't have them sprouting in other colours...what a shame!! Love your lush with blooms!

  9. Stephanie,
    Your balsams are beautiful. I'm not sure I have seen these before, beautiful !

  10. It feels so good when the sun returns! I know how you feel.. I go whacky when the sun isn't out.

    I Love the little Balsams too.

  11. re: different colour Balsam, I hope I was right about the re-seeding as I didn't recall adding more seeds myself into that container.

    re: Plumbago, it has not look so good before. I am glad for this time round after a prune, they re-grew and flower so nicely.

  12. You have so many colors going on in your beautiful garden. Those balsam flowers look so delicate. Great photos!

  13. Dear Steph, I wonder why the balsams shrunk? Could be a title for a film: The Incredible Shrinking Balsam (lol). I am amazed you can grow plumbago in a pot. In my garden they are very large shrubs. Enjoy the sun ... cheers, catmint

  14. As usual your flowers in abundance always amaze me.

    I welcome the rain. The weather has been very hot.

  15. So glad you are getting some nice sunshine!
    Your balsams are so pretty. I used to be able to grow those in NE but now it is too cold where I live.
    I will just have to enjoy yours.

  16. Always a joy to see your happy plants. This is the first time I saw white Plumbagos, so pretty!

  17. If I'm lucky enough to overwinter my Hydrangea the flowers will turn green at once, I never get the same colour that it had when I first bought it. A lovely colour on yours. Balsam flowers looks really pretty.
    Enjoy the Sun, here we're back on the 'raintrack' again.

  18. Hi Steph!
    Lovely flowers you got. I really like hydrangea.

    Yes, it is my garden that I show in my blog:) now it´s so beautiful.

    Have a nice day :)

  19. Some beautiful blooms! I especially l liked the balsam. I don't think I've ever grown them before.

  20. Hi Stephanie, Your blooming paradise looks wonderful. I like the balsams, all the colours but the baby pink is really very cute and soft. Lovely plant combinations, I try also different plants together. It usually makes a nice show until one tries to outgrow the others, some are pushy like people! Today I cleaned my big pots full of Iris. The weeds have taken over and they needed new mulch.
    A good job to keep
    me warm as the weather is dismal, cool and cloudy.
    Thank you so much for your visit and comment.

  21. Your garden has so many types of flowers... nice!

  22. Rough rosa, you can probably try balsam but not into a pot of a precious rose ;-) Find plants with shallow root system yeah... Good luck :-D

    Malar, I bought the seeds from a homecentre here. Brand: Horti. The pic shown on its yellow packaging are double flowers but as you can see here, they are not double flowers.

    Catmint, ha ha... that a good one! re: Plumbago, the pot is quite deep. But you are right, the plant will probably do better if planted into the ground in the long run.

    All, I have enjoyed reading your comments. Glad to know that most of you like the balsam :-D Tqvm and have a great day!



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