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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I love colourful foliages. One of them is Coleus and I am glad to have a few in my garden. This time round, their leaves are in their best colours.

In the pic below is a Coleus (the same one as in the centre of the pic above). The plant is definitely not an upright grower and I am trying to grow this Coleus to drape down the pot. Strangely even with frequent pruning, their stems tend to grow upwards and not downwards. Have you encounter similar problem?

Meanwhile I am trying to make the Coleus in the pic below to trail also. The other thing about this variety is that its light pink pattern in the centre of the leaves only appears when planted at a partial shade area.

The pic below shows my Mock Strawberry... nice to look at only ;-)

At last! The first flowers of my Plumeria have opened. My neighbour likes the bright colours. So do I. But I wish there will be more flowers to form a nice bouquet. Don't you think so?

My Hoya Diversifolia pink flower clusters are taking their turn to open. Hmm... definitely not blooming as spectacular as the mother plant (click here to see).

A close up view of the small and compact flower cluster...

Anyone knows what's happening to my cactus?

A yellow African Daisy - Gerbera about to open...

Both flowers and foliages are important to add vibrant colours to the garden. Which do you grow more?

Happy gardening!

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  1. I love growing plants with lots of green on them!!! For the desert, that's a good thing. Coleus doesn't grow here well, but the strawberries(mock or real) do well in pots or planters. I think you're cactus may be growing or the flower is trying to come out, but died? How often do you water it? Beautiful plants.

  2. I love coleus and caladiums as my favourite foliage in my garden, they certainly brighten up the surrounding greens! I grow my coleus on the ground, so they tend to spread out their stems and are healthier than growing them in pots.You have lovely blooms especially the hoya, pkumeria and the bright orange heliconia.

  3. Beautiful Coleus collection! Maybe the cactus has a fuzzy substance from Cochineal bugs. I've only seen that happen to prickly pears.

  4. Your hoya is cute remind me of brooch. That mock strawberry is alive one? They look real. Lovely coleus.

  5. Coleus really have colourful leaves!
    Pretty bloom everywhere in the garden!

  6. Steph, you have been out for a while, have been looking for new posts lately, haha. This is the first time that you post 'ordinary' plants to me. I wonder why most of your posts now are in my vicinity, except that cactus.

  7. my coleus is also looking very colorful at the moment. I haven't ever got it to drape over an edge.

  8. Great plants, Steph. I love coleus and have a few, too.

  9. cactus is growing a flower by the look of it. I do love different coloured and shaped foliage in the garden - more important than flowers I think. Some euphorbias have leaves that change colours over the seasons. I love them.

  10. Hi Steph,

    The plants in your garden always mesmerize me! They are so lovely and you have so many blooms!

    Fyi, to get my Plumeria to bloom in big clusters, I have regularly sprayed them with foliage fertilizer (the powder fertilizer that adds with water and sprayed on in the morning and evening. This kind of fertilizer is usually used on orchids). My plumeria has been blooming endlessly since Jan this year and there are still many blooms. I have been spraying this fertilizer to get it to bloom. Since it bloomed, I continuously to spray and the plant has been showing me flowers after flowers. Try it.

  11. Hi Stephanie; I like Coleus very much; their beautiful colours and ease of growing them. You have got very nice ones. I also love Hoyas, we have also some native Hoyas which are quite pretty. I think with time your plumeria will flower freely and give nice bunches. I love them, their fragrance is very special. I especially love the big tropical white. Perhaps your cactus is making flowers, has it flowered before? I am not so much around anymore, but I try to come by from time to time to see your lovely and well cared plants. T.

  12. Its a pity all my coleus are off season and had disappeared.
    And you manage to keep them all the while, wow..
    That is truly great!

  13. Rohrerbot, Malay-Kadazan girl, that's a real plant ;-)

    africanaussie, probably our sun is too great/attractive for the coleus.

    J.C. that's good to know and follow! Will do. Thanks :-D

    Titania, the cactus did bloom ones before. It happened shortly after I brought the plant home.

    All, thanks for liking my plants. It's great to hear from you. I think I still end up having more foliage plants as some of those flowers were annuals. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Like your heliconia... you have a wide range of very nice flowers in your garden...

  15. The pink Plumeria ... i love the color too - wanting one to plant in my rooftop garden but they are quite expensive here in Delhi ...(more flower to form nice bouquet)- at least something is better than nothing.

    The Hoya flower is amazing !! Actually i had bookmarked ur site long ago n see it every now n then ... love to visit ur garden - it's so exotic with so many diffenert plants.

    Yes - it's very true both foliages n flowers add beauty to a garden ... u too enjoy gardening :)

  16. Stephanie,
    The cactus flower is gorgeous. I never saw a real one,except Aril and Christmas cactus. They sell them with dried flowers on a stick here.

  17. You have a beautiful garden. My favorite is the Hoya Diversifolia pink flower. I love it.

    Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher

  18. Plumeria, a real beauty I must say. Hoya sometimes act that way here too, sometimes plenty of flowera other times less, and that on the same plant. I don't know why.
    Your cactus, isn't that lowers comming?
    Only green plants might be boring, i wish for some coulorfull foliage as well. This last year I started to buy plants for the leafs as much as for the flowers. Looks lovely in your Garden :)

  19. Nice. I like the colourful foliage too. BTW, I have a new blog. My previous one, I accidentally forgot the password. Come by.

  20. I love the idea of using colorful foliage in the garden. I have seen some beautiful combos on the blogs here at blogspot...It's something I'd like to accomplish next year..

    You are off to a good start experimenting with them..You will probably be an expert before I get started.... Lol!

  21. I love coleus too. This red one you showed is spectacular!
    Missed you!

  22. Rohrebot, I water the cactus daily as I just sit the plant on gravels. I plant it in the full sun and out in the open.

    Wendy, ok. Will post an update on cactus if any.



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