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Friday, July 29, 2011

I last updated about this plant, Silver Squill, some two years ago. The plant has since grown steadily and more foliages have sprouted after I have moved it to a shadier spot. The plant has however never sent out any flowers thus far :-(

At the begining of this year, one bulb (not these two in the pic below) sent out a flower stalk... but the buds just dried up before they get to open.

So I am crossing my fingers for these Hyacinth flowers to blossom well. They were re-chilled and re-rooted after they failed to grow anything the last time I took them out from the fridge.

I hope these Gladiolus 'White Prosperity' bulbs will forgive me for squeezing so many of them into one pot as I am really running short of space! Thanks HS for the bulbs :-D

I have been growing these Peruvian Lilies (Eucrosia bicolour) since February. The flowers just faded when I bought them. I wonder how long I need to wait for their next blooms. It's already July now...

Gloxinia is the easiest to re-flower. No need pre-chilling whatsoever... easy peasy ;-)

My Oxalis flowering and flourishing its beautiful purple leaves freely after a months of dormancy...

Bulbous plants are tough and often bring surprises. Don't you think so?

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  1. Good luck with your Silver Squill and Peruvian Liliies. The phrase "patience is a virtue" seems to be meant especially for gardeners. At least you are being rewarded by your Gloxinia and Oxalis.

  2. Steph, i still remember your post on hyacinth. At least you have available bulbs there in Malaysia, or did you get it from a sub-tropical climate? Keep us posted on the fate of your hyacinth and other lilies.

  3. I really admire yor Silver squill, never seen it so healthy.
    And really want to try to plant the Gloxinia again.
    Somehow I manage to get my oxalis in good books.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. that is some great foliage on the silver squill!

  5. That Silver Squill has the prettiest foliage. Hopefully it will bloom for you. I love the purple Oxalis. Such a fabulous color with the lavender blooms. Have a wonderful Weekend Steph.

  6. Your plants look great! Your Silver Squill and Oxalis are my favorites today.

  7. Bulbous plant very hardy regardless of extreme weather. I just posted some gladiolus bulb to my mom. Hope all your bulbous plant will bloom for you soon.

  8. Stephanie,
    Bulbs do bring surprises and so many colors.
    I remember planting 100 daffodils at my old place and the soil was so poor, but many took well anyway.
    Happy weekend to you :)

  9. Hi Steph.

    Ledebouria is an interesting genus... it's actually in the asparagus family!

  10. That Silver Squill is a foxy looking plant...I like it it's very pretty and unique. I hope one day you'll walk in and get a nice surprise from it. Sometimes flowers like to spring it on us when we are not looking.

  11. Pretty plants Stephanie! I love the silver squill. Our purple oxalis is starting to bloom again here after taking a break for a couple of weeks. I like the blooms, but even without them the foliage is so nice.

  12. Pretty garden! Hmm... Except for Gladiolus, I don't think I have any bulbous plants. Need to get some for the sake of experimenting. :D

  13. Andrea, a friend gave me those bulbs.

    Thanks for all your visits! Will keep posting progres of the plants if any ;-D

  14. Pretty flowers... bulbs for me means onions and perhaps narcissus... they are full of surprises on their own right...

  15. Very healthy looking silver squill! Your plants look so healthy!

  16. wow, how gorgeous! I love the first two - picture perfect.

  17. oops, that comment was for the Mostly Red post.



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