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Sunday, October 16, 2011

These little Amaranthus Torch seedlings stayed small for some time. I hope they will show more progress now that the weather is getting hotter and sunnier.

I see flowers already forming at the top and have transplanted two plants out of this pot to make room for growth. So grow little fellas!

This Amaranthus Yellow Fountain came as a surprise. Earlier, I have already given up on some seeds that had failed to germinate. When I spotted a little plant sprouted in one of the starter pots, I didn't know what it was till I transplanted it to the garden...

Below is a little Amaranthus Illumination that was self-sown by its mother plant...

Mosaic plant leaves glistens even more when the plant is growing healthily...

I came across some Four O-Clocks that were growing by the roadside. Probably a garden escapee. Below is the seedling from a seed that I plucked and sowed into a small pot.

My dear Hydrangea has been infected with scale bugs. I am afraid I have to give the plant a heavy prune. I think it's the best way to get rid of the bugs, right?

The Mexican Flame Vine has finally blossomed its first flowers and only in my garden here I think ;-D


Some of you have left messages on my chat box enquiring where you can find certain plants featured on my blog. Some plants that I grow are actually not easily available in Malaysia (perhaps that's why you were asking!).

Well, if you are from the Klang Valley (Malaysia) and would like to have some of these plants, please let me know by sending an email to mygreenfinder[at]hotmail.com. I will let you know if it is possible for me to part a rooted cutting for you for which I will charge you a (premium) fee - to cover the efforts I have put in to grow the plants as well as to raise funds for a dream trip :-)

Enjoy all the plants that are in your garden and have a great day!

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  1. So many beautiful plants again, to froms and colours must give an impreesing sight at your house. Your mosaic plant would fit well inte one of my windowscreens :)

  2. You've got some lovely Amaranthus going at the moment. Hopefully they will take off very soon and look terrific with their great foliage colours.

    Good luck trying to rid of those pests on your Hydrangea. Cutting back will probably work. I often do it when those pesky critters make a new plant their home.

  3. Hi Steph.

    I like the neon colors on the Amaranthus...

  4. Hi Steph, your post reminded me of the way I used to gather the four o'clocks from the roadsides. In different colours! But the plant is invasive so you'll need to control them.

    I agree with the heavy pruning method because nothing seems to work. I like your collection of amaranthus. Lovely mosaic plant too!

    Have a great week!

  5. As always, a great pleasure to look at your pictures of plants :)

  6. The flower of the Mexican Flame vine is beautiful. It is called the Confucius Vine here, I don't know why :)

  7. I think your hydrangea will survive the pruning and be all the better for it. I do that when I get aphids in the green house.;0

  8. Stephanie,
    as you near the warmer weather, we're getting the cold. Your Mexian Flame Vine is stunning.

  9. Your seed sowing has gone well Stephanie. I love the colors in your Amaranthus Illumination. Just beautiful!

  10. I am smiling with your postscript, that only means you are becoming famous in Malaysia. Now you can have your own nursery! You are really good with 'uncommon' plants and i envy your good gardening skills. You have nice seedlings, but i don't like them here as they grow so much except the hydrangea. However, it doesn't thrive with neglect so i don't plant it either. Someone gave me one 2 yrs ago and i just entrust it with the office gardener, who also doesn't know how to care for it, so it is unhealthy and just living.

  11. You hav evariety of Amaranthus plant!
    Your Mosaic plant is really doing well!

  12. Hi Stephanie; a very pretty selection of your green fingers work.T♥

  13. Stephanie, your Amaranthus seedlings are so cute! I love the foliage colors.

  14. Steph the Mexican Flame is Fabulous! and so is the Mosaic plant. I love the shapes of it's leaves.

  15. Great to see your different Amaranthus varieties all looking so beautiful. And, I like the red stems on the leaves of the mosaic plant. :)

  16. Your amaranthus look really good! Sorry to hear about your hydrangeas. I'm actually impressed that you can grow them in your climate.

  17. I loveee your Amaranthus collection!

  18. Cantiknya. I did not know that there were many different shade of amaranthus flower and foliage. Thanks for the surprise gift! It was really in my wish list. Made me very happy:).

  19. that mosaic plant is so interesting! I've never seen that (except for on your blog I think!).

  20. Dear Stephanie, yes a heavy prune is one way. I recently used water mixed with detergent and it killed all the aphids on the roses that became very happy and lovely.It's good to see those healthy looking babies of yours. cheers, catmint

  21. lotusleaf, that's right! It's Senecio confusus 'Sao Paulo'.

    Andrea, oh that's too much. Still, all the best with the hydrangea.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, happy sowing!

    Thanks all for your kind words and advice on hydrangea :-D

  22. Are the amaranths edible? We eat ours...

  23. Lrong, these are ornamentals and not for eating.

  24. I really love the Amaranthus Illumination. What a gorgeous colour, really brightens up the whole garden :)



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