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Thursday, November 24, 2011

There are other plants that are in bloom in my garden but today, I would like to just highlight my Lemon Ginger. It finally bloomed a flower for me! Yay :-D

I bought this plant in October last year. This Lemon Ginger in bloom was propagated by myself. So now, I have two pots of the same plant. The original plant, placed in another spot, has never flowered.

So far I have only seen pics of the flower from a book and some pics on the Internet but not the real thing till now!

Have you planted Lemon Ginger before? I am curious to know whether by nature this plant rarely flowers or is it just my hot garden that is not so conducive for it to bloom well. Perhaps the reason why the plant blooms this time round is due to the cooler weather that we are experiencing of late.

By night, the flower is spent. Not sure when the next flower will show up... sigh!

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  1. Hi Steph. I have Chamaecostus subsessilis (grown from a rhizome) and Siphonochilus decorus (from seed).

    Both of these are yellow gingers and similar to yours.

  2. Stephanie,
    I have never seen a Lemon Ginger blossom and didn't know of it's existence.
    It is beautiful, I wonder if it's named Lemon Ginger for it's bright lemon color? I also wondered if it is scented like ginger. The combination is just lovely in it's name as well as it's flower.

  3. Congratulations to your success and a lovely yellow flower. It's short glory time must add to your excitement. I find it's yellow flower cheerful and bright, hope you will get more, I red it can flower all year long if it has the right temp.
    Enjoy :)

  4. Hi Steph, you seem to be posting not as often now! I have been waiting for your posts. That yellow ginger is really unique, and i love the plant as it is dwarf. We have the white flowering Costus here but it grows tall, so i've thrown it somewhere, now growing under neglected areas under the mango trees. I hope the bloom lasts more than a day!

  5. Wow! The flower is really bright and stunning. Congratulations in making this plant flower, Steph! I know how annoying it can be when a plant refuses to flower even after years.

  6. Hi Steph, love the color of that flower. Is it fragrant? Even I am wondering why it is called the Lemon Ginger plant. The combination sounds so refreshing!

  7. I never planted lemon ginger before but they really have pretty flower! A real vibrnat yellow flower!

  8. Congratulations on your success with this fabulous plant. Your Yellow Spiral Ginger is beautiful. I've never seen this flower before, only the white ones. This yellow variety is just terrific.

  9. Steph, I have a costus which has flowers similar to yours., but striped. It flowers in July every year.

  10. Oh this is the first time I heard about lemon ginger. Pretty flower. Is it really a family of ginger. The foliage is kind of different from the usual ginger family. Cheerful bloom.

  11. The plant look so much like costus, like a spiral ginger. I have those cherry ginger but never seen anything like yours.

  12. never seen or heard of lemon ginger plant, when it does flower the flower colour is wonderful.

  13. Greetings from the Caribbean legend, now recognized in Spain..Enjoy!

  14. Congratulations on your bloom. It is a happy yellow color. Maybe you need to move the original pot to the same area as the newer one? I'm not certain though because I am not familiar with this plant.

  15. Hi Steph!
    Lovely flower. Lucky you who could have a garden now.
    Hug to you

  16. So pretty! I really does remind me of lemons. I hope you get many more!

  17. How lovely.... I was not aware of a Lemon Ginger plant. I have heard of growing ginger before, but not aware of the Lemon Ginger.. What a cute little plant.

  18. Hi Stephanie; Your yellow Ginger is very special and beautiful. I have seen it in Cairns botanical gardens. I grow a few Gingers but not this one. I would love to! ♥T.

  19. Prospero, nice plants! I used stem cuttings to propagate mine.

    Brad, Sujata, No scent. It's a ginger plant belonging to one of the families of the ginger order, spiral ginger (Costaceae).

    Andrea, actually there is not much progress in the garden due to the rainy weather.

    James, Titania, I think this plant will bloom better in your shadier/cooler garden.

    Bom, that's what I am thinking of doing also :-D

    All, thanks for sharing. Happy making plans for the holidays and preparing for Christmas!

  20. Haven't tried planting this one before... the flower is attractive, I'd say...

  21. The lemon ginger has a really beautiful colour. So bright and cheery!

  22. This is a beautiful plant. My plant flowers ALL THE TIME year round. I have two pots and at one stage I had 11 FLOWERS that were in bloom at the same time.

    Use a good fertiliser too.

    I'm from Darwin so weather must be perfect for it to flower all the time.

  23. Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit Darwin one day :-D



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