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Thursday, March 08, 2012

The best thing that has happened in my garden recently is when the Neoregelia that I planted a year ago is now flowering :-D

First, the centre turned pinkish red before the flowers inside the cup flowered. I initially thought that its flowering cycle would be short and quick as the plant multiplies fast. But now I realise that it does need a long time for a young pup to flower.

The Lemon Ginger is now producing flowers quite regularly but they are taking turns to show up (one after another).

The precious Iresines in my garden are growing and growing! I am so happy to see their attractive texture and colour. So now I grow them at several spots to add lots of interest to the surroundings.

I spotted a seed on my Four O'Clock flower plant. It looks like a big black pepper, hehe...

I wonder why my Aster is only flowering a bunch of blooms at a time. I hope to see lots of flowers covering the plant one day though. Could it be the rain?

The Spider Tresses are back! Love to see the flowers coming back again and again. It is a pleasurable plant to grow. It has a charm of its own ;-)

My dear Gloxinia's returning blooms are gorgeous! (Lona, this is the same Gloxinia blossoming again!) Since it rains often nowadays, the cooler temperature has enable the blooms to hang on to the plant really long. I hope all the buds can be fully opened at the same time before the sun comes back to 'melt' the flower.

My Siam Tulip is an amazement to me. The bright pink bracts are so attractive! Also its lovely dainty flowers at the bottom. Same as the Gloxinia, this spike of flower lasted longer than usual. It has been blossoming bracts and flowers for weeks now!

My Aloe Vera sends out another spike of flowers. This one is much prettier the last one ;-)

These dwarf Azaleas have flowers that have been making my porch really pretty. Yay!

Happy gardening!

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  1. The 4'oclock plant does have big seeds.It can grow like weed here. Many colours in your pretty garden.

  2. the spider tresses look really interesting, and I love those blooms on the tiny azaleas!

  3. Hi Stephanie, an abundance of beautiful plants surrounding you. Many are familiar, I love the Siam tulip, and the spider tresses, I have never seen those.

  4. Just look at all of those pretty blooms. Your Yellow Ginger is so beautiful Steph. I have never saw blooms on Aloe before so I like seeing new things.Same with the Siam tulip. So pretty.
    That Gloxinia! If it wasn't so far to walk I would be there to steal that gorgeous Gloxinia. LOL!

  5. Gorgeous plants, Steph! I like the gloxinias and azaleas!

  6. The Alovera spike is really amazing for me! I never seen one!
    Abundant of flowers and greens in your house!

  7. A treat to see such beautiful blooms, Steph! I always love seeing your gloxinia. Four o'clocks tend to be invasive here. Thank you for your comment on my azalea. I've started with the mulching... hope it puts on a show next year too.
    BTW, the blooms in your last post are fantastic. The hoya is stunning!!

  8. The aloe vera is a unique and useful plant. Do you use it for medicinal purposes or just enjoy the way it looks?
    I love those azaleas, too!

  9. The four o'clock seeds have white powder inside... in the old days, my kampong folks back home used them to apply on their faces...

  10. Hello there:) Nice update on your garden. The Lemon Ginger looks gorgeous! Everything looks nice and healthy:)

  11. I've had aloe for decades, nv seen spikes b4!

  12. Stephanie,
    You a virtual rainbow in your garden and the Aloe Vera is an amazement to me ! :)

  13. So many nice things are happening in your garden. Glad to see the Spider Tresses are back and the Siam Tulip is pretty!

  14. Hi steph, you talk about these plants like they are old familiar friends, which I suppose they are. Mostly so different to what grows round here. Very lovely. Interesting comment from Lrong, I wonder if the white powder kept the sun from burning the face, or if it was just for show.

  15. Another great selection of fabulous blooms. The Spider Tresses are wonderful flowers, and your Siam Tulip is looking so good. The Yellow Ginger was the one that really captured my attention. I just love the flowers on these.

  16. Oh the dwarf Azaleas are very pretty indeed - like a really pretty dress! :)

  17. Lrong, that's something! Read catmint's comment. She was curious about the function of the white powder.

    Rosey, I enjoy the way my aloe looks most of the time. And sometimes I used it for my skin.

    Lona, you are so funny hehe...

    kc, hope you will see a bloom or two appearing from your aloe soon!

    All, thanks for dropping by and your kind words. You have a great day!



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