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Sunday, March 18, 2012

This new plant, the Alocasia reginula gave me a pleasant surprise last week. It was in flower! But I have only planted this clump division in January...

On the other hand, my old Alocasia 'Polly' that I have been growing for a few years will only flower (inflorescence) once or twice a year and its first flower appeared only after about six months of growing it. The plant was at its best last June...

The plant is now resting (current state) but looks like it has started to grow new healthy leaves.

In between the two Alocasias is my Hoya publicalyx. The pic below shows the second bunch of flowers.

And another bunch of flowers, still at bud stage. Below is pics of the progress of the flowers.

From very tiny buds...

And growing bigger in size before they open...

On the other side of my porch, my Episcias are in bloom - the pink and red flowers. I find the pink one takes a long time to re-flower. You encounter the same experience with Episcias?

This red Episcias is the most reliable one. It flowers quite frequently :-)

I am glad that my porch is so suitable for growing these plants. Although during good weather days these plants receive some direct sunlight as the sun is setting down, they are not scorched. Thank God! :-D

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  1. Stephanie; the flowers and plants on your porch do your green thumbs absolutely justice. They look so beautiful. Like the dark pink Hoya, they are some of my favourite climbers, the more delicate ones are sometimes a bit temperamental in my garden. I have never grown the pink episcia, but I would say they are worth the wait.

  2. Lovely plants on your porch, Stephanie. The Episcias are stunning!

  3. Hi Stephanie. Your Alocasias Polly has the prettiest leaves. I love your pink Hoya blooms.Just lovely. Have a wonderful week.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful Alocasias and Episcias and especially your Hoya publicalyx flowers, so unique!

  5. Very unique indeed as the above commenter mentioned.
    Your Alocasia reginula is exceptionally beautiful and exotic..

  6. Your Alocasia looks lovely.
    Can't help myself from asking that the bromeliad you have in the picture - had it flowered yet.
    It look so much similar to the one I have. Still figuring out whether it is a matchstick bromeliad or a neogelia.

  7. What a pretty bloom! You have many unique plants in your porch!

  8. Thanks for the reply.
    You mean the red shades appears only later when it is about to bloom or is it all the leaves have the red shade at the crown area?

  9. I thought that Keladi, with rich green leaves and striking white veins is so capturing.... sweet and romantic.

  10. that is the wonderful thing about growing plants in pots on a porch - if it is getting scorched it is relatively easy to move them. IMy babysitter had a hoya in a pot , a white flowered one, and I loved her and feel very sentimentally about hoyas now. Your looks very happy and healthy, as do the other plants.

  11. I can visualize your happiness with the flower... it is pretty unusual for that type of plant flower... no?

  12. I used to grow that alocasia, though I did not bring it with me when I moved in to my new house. The hoya is lovely! I love the star-shaped flowers.

  13. Those are amazing blooms!
    I have never grown these but they look worth the effort!

  14. Love your Alocasia!!! They are some of my favorite plants but need constant attention here in the desert and eventually I end up killing them. Beautiful plants!

  15. Such a visual treat! Thanks :)

  16. I have these plants in my garden .Thanks for the brilliant idea.

  17. Oh, i Can Ohly imagen hos lovely your publicalix must look out in the free, it,s bloms are true beauties :)

  18. Hi Steph, i want the 2nd Alocasia, i wonder why i always love it but havent planted it yet, my cousin has some of those. But i love more your Hoya, i looks so healthy and green. Ours is directly lighted and dry and yellowish, however after cutting a top and planting it separately, it suddenly produced flower. However, it is very smallish white but lovely scent just like all other hoya.

  19. The Alocasia leaves are stunning! I have the plant but I think it's going to take a little longer for them to look like yours do! I have the red Episcia. They bloomed last year and after a resting period, the leaves are beginning to sprout again. Your Hoya is gorgeous!!



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