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Thursday, August 02, 2012

With the cloudy skies and the Olympics ongoing, I kept thinking about London...

I was there some years ago and the sky was as cloudy and it was a rather cold summer. I was even caught in the rain while catching a bus (a double decker!) with my sister and mother and a friend. We were wet and feeling really cold after that. Still, we laughed at ourselves doing things that we don't normally do back home. And we had the heartiest laugh when my friend had some bird's pooh landing on her while we were taking photographs at Trafalgar Square!

Though it was a run into town, we enjoyed its many majestic monuments and the Rose Garden :-D

Now back to my little garden...

I was greeted by a little white bloom from my little capsicum plant and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it to pollinate successfully first. It is no better time to fruit than now as the temperature is cooler nowadays due to the rainy weather. Secondly, I'm hoping the flower would not disappear the next day like what happened to my okra plant. The flower and leaves are all gone now. Perhaps eaten by some creatures in my garden :-(

I have been searching for a good kind of Salvia to grow but still haven't found one that will last though. This one, Salvia coccinea, has little blooms (red in actual colour) and I am particularly fond of the how brilliant the tiny flowers can be and how they just keep appearing non-stop.  

I got this Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' to add more purple to the right side of my garden. The lilac colour from my cuphea bush is too faint to be noticed.

My Selaginella wallichii (I hope I got the ID correct!) is enjoying the much wetter and cooler temperature. I bought smaller growing species last week. Will show them in the coming post if the plants are still alive then ;-)

My garden balsam is back! I am happy to see all its three colours and love the smell too :-D

Glad my succulents are still doing well despite the rain.

This plant, the Monocostus uniflorus, is loving the cooler temperature...

I like this Iresine bush. It has grown so upright and straight. It is looking really nice and wonderful. The bush is about 80 cm high now even when planted in a little container...

Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of Spring!

Have a good summer :-D

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  1. stayed in car to wait out the rain this morning at the open air car park!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    It's funny hearing your story about your visit to London.
    I love your garden and glad to hear it's taking to the rain well.Not enough rain here and the minute it does rain, I just want to zip out and feel it.Hot here in the 90sF.
    The Selaginella wallichii is such a cute and cheery little flower :)
    Happy Summer!

  3. Nice to see your lovely plants in your garden.
    I had been neglecting my garden and only managed to water them 2 days once.
    The lack of rain is not helping and now the haze is so visible now.

  4. Good to hear that the weather has cool down a bit there! The flowers will really be happy and reward you with more bloom.

  5. Hope the capsicum grows into a nice fruit...

  6. Everything is looking so pretty Stephanie! Your garden is quite lovely! Keep an eye on your succulents with the wet weather. Mealy bugs love them when they are damp! Ack!

  7. Always something to admire in your flowering nook of the world. Iresine is beautiful and clever to keep it in a pot; mine went on a walk about! With time dwarfing everything around, so she had to go. Stephanie do you keep most of your plants in pots? There are quite a lot of tropical Salvias, around, but most of them require quite a lot of space as they can grow rather tall.

  8. The Monocostus uniflorus has lovely flowers.

  9. Love the selection of flowers.

    Great to hear about your recollections of London too.

  10. what a funny story on your London trip! hahhahaa....
    You plant collection seems to be good despite hot weather!

  11. Hi Steph!
    A little garden? You have so many different flowers and beautiful they all are. Sage is nice. This year I have red oregano in my greenhouse and it blooms with as sweet flowers.
    Have a great day.

  12. Wow Steph... Your garden is looking better and better... I still remember the few pots by the driveway once upon a time...

    Anyways, I came across this site, Shoe String Gardener and found it interesting... what do you think about it?

  13. Garden balsam? Like a little balsam? that would be wonderful. I love that fragrance too.

  14. I hope your capsicum would show the fruit very soon!
    My plant died weeks ago and I was so disappointed!
    Lovely flowers, Stephanie! I have not been doing much gardening lately as the weather is extremely hot!!

  15. Hi Candy, yes thanks. When those mealy bugs attack succulents... that's it. They won't go away!

    Titania, Iresine roots easily that's why... LOL :-D Yes all my plants are in pots. Most likely not good enough for tropical salvias :-(

    Alvin, thanks for introducing that book!

    Wendy, don't think it has the same fragrance. Smells more like a really fresh flower that's all.

    Lrong, kitchen flavours, that capsicum bloom didn't produce any fruit :-(

    All, nice to hear from you and thanks. I am so happy that my country won medals in the olympics. Though only two but I am proud of the athletes that have won them. I hope you enjoyed the games too. Have a great day and hope your garden is doing well!



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