A Little Bit of Purple

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I am delighted to know that Chinese New Year is around the corner as I am hoping to have a really good break. Before that, I must appreciate some of the plants in my garden that have doing really well.

My Christia obcordata has been flourishing lots of attractive butterfly-shaped leaves and pretty dainty blooms. This week however, the shrub turned a bit leggy. The leaves might have dried and fell to the ground due to the drier and hotter weather. Well, time to give the shrub a little 'hair cut' ;-)

The other plant that would probably need some pruning is my dwarf Arundina. I love the combination colour of its flowers -- yellow, purple and white.

Interestingly, my little Water Lily flowers blossoms the same colours as the dwaft Arundina. Though the form is different but still as pretty. 

The purple colour shows more at flower bud stage...

The flower that has deeper purple or blue is the true flower of the Sandpaper Vine or Purple Wreath (Petrea volubilis). The sepals are in light purple.

The vine has been blown over by the strong wind a few months ago. The top was actually down, touching the floor, while the pot was not moved at all. I quickly ran out to bring the poor vine back to an upright position. Thank goodness, it survived that bent ;-)

Smooth Asters (Aster laevis) are smiling towards the sun -- must be loving the sunshine a lot! 

I thought the Medinilla seeds would be in white only. This time round, one of the bunches turned purplish in colour. 

Perhaps an annual daisy? Well this little bush has been flowering non-stop since it was planted in my garden two months ago. Like the Smooth Aster, this daisy loves the sun a lot also. But I really hope that it will blossom forever. 

Btw, Purple People are people who loves the colour purple and all things purple. Are you one of them?

To all my Chinese readers, have a very happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. Seeing your green space is as usual extra warming now as we have winter up in the north :)

  2. I like seeing all the different flowers in your garden, lovely!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai, enjoy your break and have a great Chinese New Year!

  3. Interestingly one of this year's auspicious colour is purple. Wishing you "Happy New Year" and "Wan shi ru yi"

  4. Loving those purple blooms Stephanie. I am one who loved the color purple also. Have a great week.

  5. Stephanie, I love purple in all its fantastic shades, from the strongest to the softest. Armandina has an Orchid look, or is it an orchid?
    I think Petrea,called the sandpaper vine because of its rough leaves,is one of the most stunning climbers and Medinilla is a real tropical beauty.The small daisy is an Australian species, Brachycome multifida. If you cut it back later it will flower again. It is also easily propagated from small soft cuttings. Really nice your purple treasures.

  6. That's a lot of purple in your garden! No red? ;)
    Anyway Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you have fun with the loved ones!

  7. Hoping that you are enjoying your time off... :-)

  8. Have a wonderful Prosperous Chinese New Year Stephanie!
    I really enjoy looking at your garden plants - there is always new and surprising things happening in your garden - everytime you post in your blog.
    Have a good time with your family & friends.

  9. Happy Chinese New Year. I like your water lily very much so many blooms.



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