Which Style of Garden Furniture is Right for Your Garden?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garden furniture can add a touch of elegance or a touch of luxury to your garden. But there are so many choices when it comes to looking for the right design. Have you ever considered landscape architecture when it comes to the look and feel of your garden? 

Have you ever thought about the best ways of enhancing the plants and flowers which you’ve chosen for your flowerbeds with stylish additions? Or perhaps the different garden furniture sets to suit your lifestyle?

Here’s a quick guide on the different design styles of garden furniture – and hopefully it will help you select the right set for your home.  

Wicker/Rattan furniture 

Wicker or rattan can add a very summery feel to your garden. The choice of material gives your garden a very classic look. But with the endless choices in colour, there are many different styles which can give you a slightly more contemporary look. 

French style garden furniture  

If your gardening style is laissez-faire with a sense of Montmartre or a rural region of France, there are so many shabby chic and French style options out there. The cute cottage look has become increasingly popular in home interiors as well as garden design.  

Bistro furniture 

Love to dine al fresco? If you can’t get enough of a wine and bread sunset, a candle lit outdoor dinner in summer twilight, or champagne and strawberries on a sunny morning, bistro furniture is ideal for you. It’s the romantic choice for garden lovers and also a great way to entertain when you have guests.  

For couples, bistro furniture is a popular choice and there are so many different styles, from contemporary and slick to traditional and elegant.  

Teak garden furniture 

Teak has been used for many years to give your furniture a long lifeline and a sturdy set against the elements. This makes it the perfect choice for entertaining. Teak garden furniture is ideal for barbeques and garden parties and mostly for entertaining. So if you consider yourself to be a host, teak garden furniture is a great addition to your garden. 

This style of furniture also has a strong, sturdy look to it. It’s simple, it’s stylish and you can’t go wrong with a classic design. 

Stainless steel furniture  

Now this is really modern and slick. You can transform your garden into something truly contemporary with a well designed stainless steel furniture set. As far as garden furniture goes, this look is very urban and very city-inspired.  

Resin garden furniture 

Resin can be a low maintenance option for someone with a busy lifestyle. This furniture is lightweight so easy to move around in a busy, ever changing family garden and you can easily arrange it on any patio or decking area. The look is simple yet very stylish. If you don’t want anything too extravagant or over the top, resin furniture is a great choice! It will keep your garden looking uncomplicated in a very down to earth and effortless way. 

This article is contributed by Vickie Harrison who is a budding/beginner gardener based in the UK. In her spare time she can be found hanging out around garden centres looking for inspiration for her own small back garden that has been ruined by her big Labrador called Ernie. 

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  1. I don't have any say with the garden furniture at the moment, but many are teak on my mother's garden.

  2. I wish I could have a beautiful garden with nice collection of funiture but.....I have to trim my garden first before looking into all this!hahahhaa....

    1. I agree with you. I would love some low-maintenance furnishings at our terrace garden. However, I'm a bit frightened to place any piece of furnishings out as a result of which will attract thieves. What I do is that after we attempt to sit at the garden, place the cane or teak chairs out; bring them within before we tend to lock the doors. http://www.logbookloans4uk.co.uk

  3. I would love some low-maintenance furniture at our terrace garden. However, I am a little scared to put any piece of furniture out because that may attract thieves. What I do is that when we plan to sit at the garden, put the cane/teak chairs out; bring them inside before we lock the doors.

  4. our sun, rain, heat will melt, crack, burn anything outside :( (save those wroughtiron swing sets)

  5. Stephanie, firstly, thank you for your visit, always such a pleasure to read your nice comments. Love that quote, so true and beautiful and not just for butterflies. The gupi plant is so much fun and does not need an aquarium. I do like Rattan, it looks so elegant of days gone by and is also comfortable. I have Rattan chairs on my garden terrace which is covered, outside I have the old fashioned French wrought Iron chairs and tables, because of rain and sun, humidity etc, they last for ever. Today there are so many choices to make the great outdoors comfortable.

  6. Stephanie forgot to say I like your new blog. It looks great.

  7. I am a bit partial to the wicker/rattan and the resin furnitures, just for the simple reason that they tend to be low maintenance, as you’ve said yourself. I have to agree; a good resin garden furniture does look very stylish in the outdoors, and they usually are cheaper than bistro and stainless steel garden furniture. They may not be as sturdy as teak, but mine’s still in one piece, so that’s a good thing. ;)

    Eryn Ballesteros

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello Eryn, thanks for sharing and welcome to my blog :-D

  8. Thank you for outlining which furniture style is best for one's garden. It's pretty useful for readers who would want to beautify their gardens/patios. I got my eyes on the wicker type, though. :)

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