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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It is easy to understand why the blooms of Strophanthus preussii are called medusa flowers. They have long appendages that can look pretty scarry at times. When wind blows really hard, they tend to tangle up, hehe... 

I like to see the climber flowering in great profusion so that I could see some older flowers in pale yellow and the newer ones in white altogether at one time.

Do you grow this medusa flower? Do you find the scent strong too? On several occasions, I sniffed a really strong fragrance coming from this patch and wondered if it could be from these flowers. 

Shortly after that, my Gardenia jasminoides (right species name?) made its debut in my garden with this big bloom... yay :-D  I think this bloom is even bigger than the bloom that came with the plant when I purchased it last year. The scent was really strong but sweet at the same time. 

Smelling and watching the gardenia blossom from bud to flower made me forget all the time and effort that had went into growing it. 

The gardenia flower however wilted fast due to the heavy rain and strong sun. So were its neighbour, the Thunbergia laurifolia blooms that fell to the ground or to the pots below...

Below is another pic of the blooms... the laurel-leaved thunbergia bears the largest flower, next is the gardenia and the smallest bloom is the medusa flower. 

I mentioned about my aloe's yellowing leaves in an earlier post, you can see more of them here as well. 

The bush in the foreground is Portulacaria afra. It is commonly known as a dwarf jade plant.

Have a great day!

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  1. I love those strophanthus pressi, and now that i hear they have a scent too I am even more interested in getting them.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    a visit to your garden would be incredible ...such different plants and blooms to learn of. I just read a few posts and was convinced!

  3. I've always been wanting to get a Strophanthus preussii. Its such an interesting plant. So, looks like a trip to the nursery is in my planner.

  4. I tend to find the medusa flower's scent a little peculiar but not strong. Love Gardenia jasminoides though. Your T. laurifolia looks so pretty. Is is hard to grow under lowland condition?

    1. Thunbergia laurifolia is the easiest but just need to train the aggressive vines. The Gardenia jasminoides is the hardest one here. With the medusa flowers, all this while I find that the scent is mild too. Just that I sniffed a strong scent on those few times, so not sure...

  5. I love your Medusa flower's long strands. I used to grow Portulacaria afra, we called it elephant's food. Your Thunbergia and gardenia blossoms were so big!

  6. Medusa flowers are so lovely!Flowers really cheer our life!

  7. Oh your Gardenia is beautiful. I wonder if I could keep one alive in the house?? The Thunbergia blooms are so pretty and delicate looking. Lovely! Have a wonderful weekend Steph.

  8. Steph, it must be sooo exciting to be able to grow such exotic stuff ! I can only envy ! Here in the uk I do try to nurture more exotic plants in the greenhouse, but it is hard work battling the weather !

  9. wow, you do have the most unique collection of flowers! The medusa flower is new to me...a pretty sight in your garden. My gardenia is blooming too but the flowers are a little smaller than yours.

  10. I enjoyed seeing your blooms. I grew a gardenia in a pot as a house plant when I was in my 20s, and had only a tiny garden spot where we rented.

  11. Hi,
    very beautiful flowers in your excited..

  12. The strophanthus preussii flowers are pretty!



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