Hazy Sky, Dry Garden

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The haze is back :-(

In times like this, I just wanted to stay at home. But at the same time, I am so glad I garden... I can count on my plant to supply me with better air to inhale while bringing some cheers ;-)

The little blooms from my Cryptanthus that are hiding at the back have been taking turns to blossom. The clump is at least three years old now and it gets bigger and bigger. My friend once asked if this plant is from the Jurassic days. Funny how she could think of that?

These days the blooms in the garden tend to last longer... no rain to smash them up and the sun is less intense (filtered by the haze!). These petals of Gloxinia had stayed fresh for about a week...

I enjoyed watching how my hoya flowers develop -- from tiny, little buds transforming into a bunch of full-sized wax-type flowers.

Also, my blue and white Plumbagos were and are still loving the current climate. Their flowers just grow more and more by the days... 

My little pot of Portulaca plants gave me a little surprise recently. They have been sending out orange flowers. One day I found pink ones appearing, followed by a mixed-colour one...

Two weeks ago, I transplanted some Oxalis bulbs into a white pot. It is so good to see new leaves starting to pop up from the soil :-D

The butterfly below really knows where is the best place to rest... the garden! I think the insect is loving the oxygen released from the leaf of my Petrea volubilis plant, commonly known as Sandpaper Vine...

Well, not all my plants are flourishing well. Some shrivelled when I didn't realise they needed more water due to the drier surroundings. I hope it will not happen to my new succulents. 

The old succulents meanwhile are placed on a rack on the opposite side of my porch. Notice an over-grown cactus below?

The stem is sending out fine roots from the joints...

Time to take this stem to grow a new cactus :-) Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Wow! I love that lovely butterfly. I've not seen that before. Can't blame your friend for thinking that the Crypthantus is ancient. It does look gnarled, twisted and its dark looking colouring makes it look morbid and aged.

  2. All looking good Steph. What is causing the haze you mention ? It does not sound much fun :-(

  3. Not been well during these hazy season.
    Glad your garden looks good apart from the current atmosphere.
    nice to see the succulents doing well.

  4. I have seen portulaca with blooms of varying colours on the same plant before. Maybe yours has one of those cultivars in its parentage. Your cryptanthus looks like it is about to attack me. Nice specimen though.

  5. I agree with your friend; I was going to ask which planet or galaxy that plant came from. Lovely blooms :-). What's that haze?

    1. Jane, KL, the haze is caused by smoke from burning to clear land in the island of Sumatra.

  6. Glad to see your plants thriving. My Hibiscus' leaves yellowed prematurely due to haze. Anyway, I really love your Cryptanthus (they do look prehistoric) and Sandpaper vine.

  7. I have a similar crypthantus I call them earthstars; Mine was in pot completely growing out of bounds, so I took it out and planted a border out with them. Now they look very pleasing. I think they are pretty and so tough! Love your pink Hoya and surprise of nature orange and pink, such a pretty combination. A perfect garden with butterflies, they are like the dot on the i. Great plants looked after by an amazing gardener.

  8. Everything looks good to me. I love your white plumbago:) The blue plumbago plants on my varanda are in full bloom now,and have reached the ceiling.It's a good plant to have because the flowers last such a long time, and it's easy to propagate with cuttings. I have never seen the beautiful butterfly before,what a stunning sight.

  9. I agree the cryptanthus looks prehistoric! Love those blue plumbagos Stephanie, and all the succulents. Moss roses are so cool the way they have different bloom colors on the same plant.

  10. Wow! I'm fascinated by the Cryptanthus plant. It's so beautiful!



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