Miss June

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

In the garden, I have been busy weeding. When the temperature warms up, that's when the weeds grow to show that they rule the garden... argh!

Anyway looks like I am going to like June. There seems to be less prolonged rain and more moderate sunny skies recently. Hence I am hoping that the climate stay this way for the sake of my plants.

In the shade, I spotted 'goldfishes' from the Nematanthus. Though they are really small, they are quite striking and looking as if they are about to jump out of the pot... 

I am calling my white Azalea, Miss June :-) There are two flowers on the plant. In the pic below, you will be able to see one of them in front with the other hiding at the back...

And this dainty cum scented bloom from my Osmanthus fragrans, commonly known as sweet olive or fragrant olive, adds more cheer to the garden. The plant has been growing only foliage for some time. I always wonder if it will ever bloom in my garden. It does now :-D


Other dainty blooms that are in the garden include the sparkling white flowers of the Serissa foetida. The shrub has grown a little taller and flourished a lot more foliage recently but the flowers seems to be lesser now...

Another one of those small blooms would be the pink flowers of the Malpighia glabra shrub. Love to see them appearing. They make the shrub even prettier...

The biggest and most colourful flower of the week is the blooms from my yellow Hibiscus, brilliant...

On leafy plants, firstly, I am glad that my coleus is really trailing! A little more shade and prune helped to get it to flow downwards...

Amaranthus Perfect Red is the only vegetable in my garden right now but how sad as only one shrub can be harvested...

At the porch, I spotted a new leaf coming out from my Calathea roseopicta cv. It is funny to see them come rolled up like this...

Here is the second runner-up for the Miss June title... my blue Gloxinia. A bloom is about to blossom!

Happy World Environment Day! Have a happy June and hope everyone is already doing something for this beautiful planet we are living in. Cheers!

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  1. I think gardeners are always doing something for the plant - we cant help ourselves :) i loved all your pretty flowers today - thanks for sharing,

  2. Glad to see your garden after so long.
    Been very busy that I find difficult to catch up with my own too..
    Anyway - love to see all the updates & happening of daily gardening.
    Happy World Environment Day!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Such lovely plants in your garden. I would love to have a garden filled with beautiful blooming plants but living in tiny Singapore, space is limited for the common folks. :)

  4. I like your blog redesign. And I like your garden so much! BTW, I lost my Gloxinia; got to replace with a new plant.

  5. What's that topmost flower -- beautiful dainty pink? Hibiscus - one of my favorite; but they are so hard to maintain inside house here during winter -- they all die; I got two jasmine yesterday, another of my favorite for their fragrance.

  6. I love the yellow hibiscus with red centre - its so striking. The Adeniums are photogenic as usual. I thought of cultivating mine into tall shrub.

  7. Beautiful plants. I've been busy weeding my garden too, but the weeds always find a way to come back haha.

  8. simply beautifully captured shots…lovely!

  9. Stephanie, many pretties showing off in June in your garden. Serissa with its cute white flowers is a tough little plant and comes also variegated. Yet I think the green only leaves set off the white flowers much better. Osmanthus flowers are so tiny but have a wonderful fragrance which makes them worthwhile in the garden. Like it how you trailed your Coleus, must try it out! Love the little rabbit peeking out between the plants. I collect them being blessed to be born in the year of the rabbit. In the morning I was on my knees replanting a front border which had its time. Replanting it with Earthstars and some small Bromeliad revurvata. Happy gardening. T.

  10. Cute Goldfishes!
    I am wishing for some rain here.
    Love the hibiscus colour :).

  11. So pretty! I'm not even familiar with half the flowers that you have in your garden. Amazing collection and the June colours are lovely!!

  12. That rolled up leaf is great!

  13. Hi! Sorry I'm late, have had friends staying with us, which is lovely but blogging had to came to a standstill. Your Hibiscus is beauuutiful!! I like your white Azalia too, and your trailing Coleous looks very pretty. I also have white and grey rabbits in my garden:=) They look cute in amongst my plants, just like your white rabbit:)
    Warm regards.

  14. The Osmanthus fragrans may not be the prettiest. Not that showy at all, in fact the flowers are quite small and insignificant. But do they pack an odiferous wallop. It is also known as sweet olive, tea olive and fragrant olive and is native to Asia.



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