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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My watering can brushed very strongly against a flower bud of my Solandra langiflora (commonly known as Chalice Vine or Cup of Gold) the other day and it fell off from the stem to the ground. 

If that accident didn't happen, there would be another big bud ready to pop up anytime right in the middle of the vine, sigh...

While most of my vegetable seedlings were smashed by the pouring rain recently, I was glad to see some of the plants, that were all ready to flower, were not affected at all. One plant for sure was my Chinese Fringe Flower.

The other is the Purple Oxalis which has been flourishing its graceful leaves and pretty blooms wonderfully. Strangely, the heavy rain didn't smash up any part of this plant at all. Thank God!

By the way the Purple Oxalis and Chinese Fringe Flower plants are neighbours. I would say they make a good couple, hehe...

The triangular features of both the Chinese Fringe Flower plant and the leaves of the Purple Oxalis somewhat reminded me of the yellow bloom on my Zebra Plant. The inflorescence has grown bigger in size and sending out flowers slowly...

This Zebra Plant was my second try. I think I over watered the first one or it might have succumbed to pest attack... it died. Any tips?

Also anyone has grown a Ponytail Palm (which is a succulent by the way, not a palm!) before? Many sites claim that this is a very slow growing plant but not for mine though. I am able to see it progressing as it grows bigger and bigger by the day. And thank God again, the rain did not damage its strappy green leaves. 

The night before, these Cup of Golds were bewitching! The scent released was so strong that I could even smell it from inside my house. However, the next morning the scent was almost gone and I need to put my nose close to the flower to be able to sniff the fragrance.

Hope your garden brings you wonderful fragrance as well. Have a great day! And remember to take time to smell the roses :-)

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  1. What a shame you lost a bud from your Chalice Vine:( It looks lovely though and still has lots of buds:) Your Purple Oxilice and Chinese Fringe Flower look amazing together, sooo very lovely. We are waiting for rain here as it has been over 40degs in the shade.
    Have a Happy Weekend:=)

  2. Your Chinese Fringe Flower looks fantastic, and certainly makes a great partner with that Oxalis. What a shame about the accident with your Chalice Vine. Those flowers are magnificent.

    I too grow the Zebra Plant, and they don't like being too wet. Moist is fine, but soaked is not. I let mine dry out just a little before the next watering. They do so love shady spots too.

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Your garden is so beautiful! I am so fascinated that many of the plants you have in your garden also grow here in South Florida. I have seen the ponytail palm as big as 10ft around at the base & 20-25ft high. They have long lives apparently and yes they are moderately fast growers here. Mine burst right through it's pot. It was growing so quickly I had to find it a new home since my yard is too small for that species. I am sure it's much happier now that it is in the ground.

    We have a green oxalis as well as the purple here and boy they grow like weeds, spreading all over the garden. Once they are established in the ground, it's hard to get rid of them, lol.

    I just recently lost my loropetalum though I have to say it never looked as gorgeous as yours. Wishing you a great weekend!

    Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,


  4. What a nice pot of purple oxalis.

  5. Lovely combination, purple and pink. I grow the white fringe, it is a big bush and does a lot of suckering, has to be put into place frequently! When in flower all is forgiven, as it is a show stopper. The big, golden cup is a show stopper too, I grew one but we had some changes and suddenly it was gone, it grew HUGE, you might have to move your house...Zebra plants are a bit finicky and I have never been really fond of them, despite their pretty leaves and golden flower.
    Always a pleasure to see your variety of well kept flowers.

  6. You really got a good collection of colourful flowers.
    Love those Oxalis & Fringe - they do indeed make a good couple.
    Wish I could help you on the Ponytail palm & Zebra plant.

    I thought that Chalice plant need to grow very big for it to give out blooms. Didn't know that they can give out flowers even they are in their well-behaved size.
    Lovely indeed.

  7. Such a big chinese fringe flower tree! Mine died for no reason...sigh! You have lovely collection of flowering plants!

  8. Such a peace to the mind seeing these beautiful flowers!

  9. Thank you for visiting my garden in Canada and your very kind comment.
    What beautiful flowers you have in your garden.
    Would love to garden in your tropical climate and paradise.
    Late October my flowers will be gone and winter/snow arrives shortly after:(

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    Your garden blooms are looking great!
    Sorry to hear about the dropped bud! Hopefully more will pop up soon!

  11. Stephanie, thank you for visiting my blog.
    What a lovely array of plants you have there, most of which would never survive here in Scotland. I'm always drawn to Oxalis but have never bought one.

  12. Sigh...indeed! Sometimes such things happen to me too! Your plants look stunning. I don't have space to grow a Chalice vine...I didn't know the scent was good too. Love that Fringe flower...delicious colour!!



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