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Thursday, October 17, 2013

How lovely is the silence of growing things

Once plants are comfortable enough, they will just grow and bloom freely. Though some may flourish slowly and some quickly, they tend to be always knowing how to appreciate the gardener.

I was admiring the wonderful leaves of my Begonia 'Martin's Mystery' before a 'hair cut'. The trailing-scandent has brilliant silvery pink, rounded leaves that are just unusual. The best part is the plant loves to be left alone :-)

Another such plant is the Tacca chantrieri Andre. It's the plant in front the begonia. 

The shrub has wonderful green leaves as for the black flower, its beauty is of another world! Some name it Bat Flower while some call it Cat's Whiskers or Devil Flower. What do you think?

The other plant that is in front of the begonia is the Florist Gloxinia. The shrub has a number of buds on it now and I just can't wait for them to blossom. 

My Clematis Avant-Garde rebloomed! Unfortunately, this time round, the purple bracts were not as purple as the last time.

And there is another plant growing from below where the clematis roots are. Probably a weed. This same plant/weed kept growing out from the root ball again and again. I wonder why?

Here is a little surprise from my fancy Variegated Madras Thorn (Pithecellobium dulce Variegated). Usually when I see young pink leaves at the tip, I would just pinch them away as I do not want the shrub to grow lanky and big. 

This time, as I was just about to pinch a pink tip, I spotted cute round buds growing at a tip of a stem... seen them before?

I bought some houseplants over the weekend. I am using the Maidenhair fern (Adiantum sp.) and the African Violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) to perk up the window area of my kitchen :-) 

Meanwhile, my sixth day old wheat grass seedlings in the pic below are looking so green and marvellous! I will be harvesting the nutrient rich grasses for juicing in a few days time :-)

Growing wheat grass (Triticum aestivum) in soil is easy but if you would like to harvest its sprouts for consumption or to grow them by soilless medium, then it is better to grow by the hydroponic way.

Btw, anyone knows the botanical name of this plant. I just knew that it is commonly called Bathroom Bubble Plant.

Enjoy seeing your plants flourishing in your garden! 

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  1. I totally agree with you on that Begonia.
    Martin Mystery seemed to be one handsome guy when you get him a haircut.
    They just seemed to cascade so naturally with those bronze coined leaves.
    Somehow I never seemed to find a perfect spot for it and its all around everywhere barely surviving.
    Thinking about it - I guess I may have to get into a discipline in sorting them out properly..

    Wished I had more time and energy to do so - when other chores seemed to take more out of me.

    And wow!!
    You managed to keep your Clematis all these time.
    All hands on to you - I thought it was a temperate plant which really need a cold winter to thrive.

    1. James, once I saw a Martin's Mystery growing out in the open but mine is in a bright shade. This begonia can take a lot of sunlight. It however required to be watered well :-) I like how you planted yours in hanging pots. They look lovely as well. Yup that clematis has been growing and regrowing (after a hard pruning) all this time. It's a vigorous grower :-D

  2. Wow! The Begónia Martin's Mystery has beautiful leaves. I have several begónias and as long as I don't forget to water them in summer, they grow well and produce lovely flowers, but I like the leaves just as much. Your Taca C A is aptly named as a bat plant !!:)

    1. Breathtaking, over here I have to water begonias daily! This one loves to be watered :-) The Tacca, haha... the flower has never fail to surprise my visitors :-D

  3. Very impressed by the juicing ! very quick turnaround compared to the growing season of most fruit & veg !

    1. Yup the turnaround time for growing wheatgrass is one of the reasons why I love growing it besides the beneficial nutrients :-)

  4. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for visiting my blog. We sold all our indoor plants before we moved as we didn't think they would survive the trip. It seems strange to be living in the house without our green companions. Tonight the garden club is having a sale of indoor plants. I hope I can get something there.

    1. I am sure you would Susan! Indoor plants adorn and clean the air inside. Happy gardening :-D



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