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Friday, October 25, 2013

We need a place in which we may flourish and be ourselves -- Timothy Radcliffe

It has been a wonderful week and my plants are growing and blooming better than usual, yay :-D Glad to see them looking pretty! 

I was also so motivated to do some gardening works. Weeding was easy as compared with re-potting. Good thing many of my pots are plastic. I cannot imagine if each and every of them are ceramic ones... they are heavy!

My Gloxinias, one blossoming and the other in blueish-purple flower is being attacked by a kind of bug. The petals dropped before it opened. 

Hiding behind my Bougainvillea that is almost leafless now is my Hippeastrum 'Mrs Garfield'. I didn't realise the shrub was flowering till the flower stalk grew to about a foot high. And I was glad to see the stalk of flowers bloomed so perfectly. All four flowers opened together :-)

In front of 'Mrs Garfield' is my old Ivy and it is flourishing fine as well :-D

Meanwhile, my Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield' grew so tall that it has to rest on the orchid which is next to it. Still, it can just produce flowers and sweet ones too :-)

I went out late one morning and found the Hibiscus acetosella 'Panama Red' closing... hey, wait!! 

My Pink Thyme meanwhile not only looks lovely, it has wonderful aromatic fragrance!

I bought a new plant, an Alternanthera sp. (if you know the cultivar name, please let me know!), bronzy-green in colour. I placed it next to my herbs and azaleas...

I also spotted little blooms on the tips... making the little shrub even prettier!

I always like my garden filled with red, either from the leaves or blooms. But from this Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum) shrub, it's both. The foliage and flowers are red...

Notice the spot of orange next to the Chinese Fringe Flower shrub? It was from the flower of my Senecio confusus 'Sao Paulo' vine, which has produced a bright and cheerful bloom...

I mixed my precious compost with some burnt and black soil to add soil to my existing pots and repotted some plants. It was so hot out there that I had to do everything fast and quick. I was panting and sweating after that!

Happy looking after your garden and yourself :-D

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  1. Tenho esta mesma planta mas não sei o nome, e quando ela fica num lugar com bastante iluminação ela fica bem vermelha, sem sol direto,
    adorei vir á seu recanto me encantar com suas flores.


    1. Sometimes it feels a little strange to discover that certain plants could be grown in other parts of the world and in different climates. Glad to know that we grow the same plant Simone!

  2. The Chinese Fringe Flower shrub is very pretty, tiny flowers but in profusion. Is it a climber, or did you train it as one? My Bougainvillea is still hanging on, less blooms but it still adds nice colour to the garden. Haven't been able to do any gardening here as it has been raining heavily for days.:(
    Have a nice weekend Stephanie

    1. The Chinese Fringe Flower is a shrub (not climber). Yes I trained/shaped/pruned into a tall pyramid shape :-) Glad you noticed. And I hope the rain will go away so that you can garden and take wonderful pictures!! :-D

  3. So lovely to see beautiful garden :)

    1. Hello Ella, just saw the beautiful sky at your place/blog. Hope my comment went through. Thank you for your kind comment! :-D

  4. I notice the angel ribboned pot on your Gloxinia flowers.
    Hope the Christmas season is starting fresh in your garden soon.
    And perhaps some ho..ho..ho..
    But of course - no snow to begin with.
    Glad you got your hands dirty gardening..
    its been raining last weekend in my garden.
    (managed to take some shots though)

    1. I haven't make any plans for Christmas yet haha... Thanks of the reminder :-) That ribbon is actually printed onto the pot itself. The pot is a few years old now. So is the Gloxinia. And hey, I am glad that you manage to snap some shots of your garden... will be checking your plants after this :-D

  5. The Alternanthera you mentioned could be Alternanthera paronychioides? You can try google it. So far I am growing this in my garden and its growing beautifully. They can even grow from cuttings.

    Anonymous Horticulturist.

    1. Thank you for the ID! Now I wonder what cultivar. Yes the cutting roots really quickly. I have another pot in my garden now :-D



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