Best Things Are Often Unexpected

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My variegated Gardenia produces inconspicuous flower buds so when I spotted one flower recently, I was surprised by its sudden appearance. Anyway, I love the smell and its white petals. It's such a charming flower!

Btw, giving gardenia flowers to someone means telling the person that "You are lovely!" Have you given one to someone before? ;-)

A few all-green leaves emerged from my Peperomia obtusifolia 'Variegata' plant. The green shade is so different from the green on the variegated leaves. Still they look really healthy.

On the same plant rack, and in the same pot, as my Gloxinia plants, I am rooting a leaf from my African Violet. Hope to see a baby plant soon. Looks promising!

My blue Plumbago was happily blooming last week. The mild sun made the flowers look extra pretty (not glaring at all) :-D

And the red bloom in the next pot is Portulaca. The annual is everblooming!

The pot of Portulacaria atria that I placed at the top of the strawberry pot below has grown bushier than before. The flowering plant behind is Spider Tresses (botanical name: Strophanthus preussii). The blooms however didn't last long due to the heavy rainfalls. 

And the unfortunate has happened... my mini watermelon has cracked (or was it eaten by a garden intruder?) even before it has fully ripen :-( So now, I have to wait for another fruit, sigh...

Meanwhile the bloom of my Tillandsia 'Multiflora' is still morphing and I can see more red leaves flourishing from the centre this week.

Here is a combo planter I planted two months ago. It is a combination of an Aster laevis, a Gypsophila and an Alternanthera cultivar.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Some of your plants remind me that " Hey I had that plant last time....but where are they now?".......

    1. LOL, Malar! If I recall a particular plant (missing one) that I like a lot, I will get a new one to grow again ;-)

  2. I love gardenia too. It's smell good. This is the 1st time i heard by giving someone the flower's it's means - you are lovely - so far I never give flower's but the cuttings only....

    1. Actually I just learned about the meaning hehe... Happy growing gardenia, Normal :-D

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Your gardenia is so pretty! I have not grown this flower before. Have never given anyone nor even receive from anyone before! haha! such a lovely meaning!
    I like your asters, so lovely!

    1. Glad to hear from you! This variegated gardenia is easy to care for but to get it flower is another story haha... The aster is surprisingly doing pretty well in spite of the wet weather. I wish you will get a gardenia soon ;-)

  4. I love Gardenias too and also have the Thai variety. The latter has large glossy leaves but the petals are not as full as G. augusta.
    Recently, I acquired the Strophantus preussi. I'm training it into a tall shrub.

    1. Wow! I am sure a tall S. preussi will look incredible. Will see it from your post. G. augusta is one of my favourite flower shrubs :-)

  5. Pena que a melancia rachou, eu não sabia que tinha pequena pra comprar,
    adorei suas flores.
    Feliz natal e um próspero ano novo cheio de flores.

    1. The mini watermelon has formed another fruit. I am keeping my fingers crossed again! Thank you for your Christmas greetings. May you have a joyous Christmas and lots of flowers in your garden, Simone Felic!



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