Sweet Surprises

Friday, August 26, 2016

I used to have two pots of Sweet Heart Hoya such as the one in the pic below. Got them many years ago. Now I am left with one. I am happy to see the heart-shaped leaves increased in numbers right in the midst of a really hot weather. 

The leaves look the sweetest when they are plump and in rounded heart shape. One vine shoot grew out from the top of the staked plant. Although happy to see more foliage I am not sure if the plant will topple. It is getting heavy at the top, oh no!

A little mushroom shot up from the soil of the Angel Wing Begonia. What a surprise! I don't normally see mushroom popping out like this, cute!

Recently I spotted many kinds of small potted plants. I identify the one in the pic below as Pilea glaucophylla. There were many more with leaves in different shades. Have you grown this one?

Since it was cloudy yesterday, I thought it was a good time to tidy up my garden. The pic below is the "before picture" - very colourful but messy! The white Plumbago was covering the miniature rose and the Weeping Barbados was covering the neighbouring Ponytail Palm. 

The pic below is the "after picture". 

The miniature rose bush is more obvious now...

Purslane with two flowers emerged from a stem - looking so sweet together, aren't they?

My Golden Globe, once very lush and flowering, now left with one little division...

Planted two short Pilea depressa cuttings into one of my terrariums. Hope they will be able to root properly inside the glass.

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow! The plant look so lush!
    Look at the mini roses! They are full of bloom! ;)

    1. Yup, I am so glad the mini rose is in full bloom and quite big in size. Usually the blooms are smaller.

  2. Beautiful heartshape hoya. 1st time I saw this leaves patern. So unique. Me only have two types old fashion hoya a gift from my sister and another one the hoya star flower by my friend. Such a long time but both of them never produced flower.

    1. This hoya does not produce flowers often as well. Have you grown Hoya pubicalyx before? This hoya is a good bloomer :)

  3. Love to see your roses and begonia.

    1. I used to like begonia more as I do not need to be bothered with fertilising the plant for flowers. But now I find that rose is also a great plant to have as their blooms are soothing to look at and smell wonderful too.

  4. Olá Stephanie
    Adoro ver as plantas dos outros, é sempre um prazer
    compartilhar do mesmo hobby.
    Bjs e boa semana.


    1. Hello Simone, I am also happy that we share the same hobby. Let's keep learning and sharing. Keep blogging and happy gardening to you too :)



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