Little Blooms

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some of my plants are blooming unexpectedly. The Episcias below has been blooming and blooming with little yellow blooms. I have another pot of this same Episcias and it is in bloom too.

Besides the Episcias is the plant with the loveliest leaves, Dwarf Schefflera. It adds elegance and interest to the garden. Surprisingly, this intriguing small shrub is easy to care for.

Watching the soothing colours of blooms and foliage from the house is really therapeutic. It calms the mind. I could even hear birds chirping.

The orange blooms of the Chinese Hat Plant will usually keep the birds preoccupied with nectar. This bunch of blooms that blossomed recently, bloomed at a low height. I hope the birds will not miss them.

Another little plant that produces bright blooms is the Yellow Crossandra. The petite plant is sending more tube-like stalks, hence promising more blooms to come.

Hoya diversifolia is by far the longest living hoya in my garden and now in bloom. There are some tiny porcelain blooms excreting nectar while I snap the pic below. On the same bunch, there is also a few more blooms that are at 'bud' stage.

Dracaena surculose 'Florida Beauty' sent out a new shoot that is much taller than the rest. I was a little surprised as the plant has been such a slow grower all this while.

I have been planting a number a succulents in my garden. Every time when one pot of succulent plants is not doing well, I will transplant them into the rectangular pot. Some will just wilt away and some will continue their life there. Anyway, I find succulents are easy to be planted together. They not only look pretty together, they will also thrive together in the same pot.

How's your garden doing?

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  1. your garden plants are really well arranged! They look so neat and beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your compliments but I do struggle to keep them all tidy and clean, Malar. Some parts of the garden are looking really messy now.

  2. So tidy! I really like your Chinese hat plant. Happy gardening!

    1. The roots of the Chinese Hat Plant roots are very vigorous hence make me feel like not planting it. But whenever I see birds coming for the nectar, it pleases me.

  3. I never have yet the yellow flower of episcia...only pink & red flower. Hope find it at nursery one day...

    1. The other day at the nursery I saw yellow cuphea, Normala. Regretted not buying it!



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