Merry Berries

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Loving the pour and cooler temperature (a week ago) is the Rivina humilis or commonly known as Pigeon Berry plant. The berries turned out to be really plump. This bunch is the first. More is going to follow as earlier I saw many sprays of flowers. 

Okra plant's self-pollinating flower is a beauty. Also, I am fascinated by how speedy its pods develop and mature fast. So every time after the flower drops, I have to keep an eye on the pod. It has to be harvested before it gets woody.

My pot of Kai Lan is doing quite well in spite of the rain. They have nice blue-green leaves hence looking really outstanding.

The ground cover below, Variegated Golden Globe, has found a new home. Earlier I left the pot of plant at another corner. The plant was not doing well there. So I transplanted the whole pot into a new one. Still, the plant has not flowered yet -- wonder when it will :P

Euphorbia Diamond Fizz... glad to see the plant kept coming back and flowering.

Okra just need a few days to develop...

Here is a new addition to my garden -- a Peperomia 'Rosso'! Almost always I will pick up a new peperomia. I like how they look and know they will do well in my warm garden. But I think I will not be able to grow every single peperomia in my life time. There are so many of them!! 

What is your favourite group of plants?

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  1. It's been so warm over my place. Luckily it rained today morning!
    You plants must be so lucky to have rain everyday! ;)
    Is the berries edible?

    1. Yeah, it is warm here as well. Re Berries, no, they are not edible. They are poisonous to some extent but birds can eat them.

  2. Ohh..peperomia..only now I know its name. Almost forgotten. Lucky I read your posting. I used to plant peperomia early 90s. 4-5 types with different color & leave shape.Also the hanging one. batik color white & green yellow. Now no more...

    1. I tend to like this group of plant! I am always intrigued by the attractive leaves. Hope you will find some new peperomias to grow soon, Normala.

  3. i read yours but nothing to comment.
    happy new year

    1. Hello Adam! Thank you for stopping by and happy New Year to you as well.



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