Orange and Rose-Pink

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Chinese Hat plant is in bloom again! Looking like bougainvillea from afar, the vine is putting out more and more of its orange flowers lately. 

The pic below was taken in the morning when the sunlight was just shinning on the part of my garden where the Chinese Hat plant is. 

Here is a close-up photo of the unique blooms. I like the colour too. The orange turn a little bronze as the flower ages.

Next to the vine is the pot of Chinese Rose radish which I am also germinating the seeds for sprouts. The sprouts come in handy for garnishing food in the kitchen. Now I hope that I would get to eat the radishes as well.  

My roses are in bloom as well. They delight the heart with their beauty and sweet fragrance. This pink rose releases a strong scent. Sometimes I could smell it without needing to put my nose to the flower.

But the miniature rose below has a faint smell. I have to put my nose close to the flower to sniff its sweet scent. 

Desert rose in yellow... this one is called 'One Day Yellow'. The flower is yellow at first but turns whiter as it ages.

The rose-pink blooms of my Weeping Malpighia look outstanding against a bushy tarragon. This was another highlight of my garden last week. Every time it flowers, I have a chance to see if they set fruit. Sadly, they didn't again :(

White plumbago blooms are popping up again. 

Took this picture of my Bangkawali very early in the morning. But I am glad I did. Now I know that the flower is white. 

Scenecio confusus 'Sao Paolo' is a tough vine. It sends out shoots and flower again and again.

Its bright orange blooms pop up here and there as I let the vine grow wild at one part of my garden. 

The Rosemary is growing slowly but surely in this pot that I parked next to my edible gingers.

I happened to have both of these plants, Iresine and Coleus for a long time. Last month I thought of growing them together in this pot. They turned out be a great match for each other.

Here are my beautiful plants in the shade. Looking at greeneries like the dwarf syngonium and fern makes me forget about the happenings in the world.

Below is an Alocasia hybrid. The leaves are just growing back. The plant didn't do well for a long time already.

Two red Gloxinia flowers opened. The cloudy sky prolonged the lifespan of these blooms. 

My favourite of the week -- Maranta leuconeura var. 'kerchoviana'! Propagated this plant from a division. I hope it will stay pretty this way for some time :)

Happy gardening!

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  1. All looks so thrives. I like it, especially the pink rose. I know its smell very good, so lovely.

    1. These roses can certainly make the garden lovelier. I wish I can grow more but with the limited space, I can only have a few roses at most.

  2. It really look like bougainvillea from far! Such a lovely orange flowers around!
    The plants look so awesome under your care!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Malar. Just now when I was out in the garden, I noticed some flowers had fallen off the Chinese Hat plant but still pretty. Most flowers turned bronzy-orange already.

  3. So many plants and so many flowers. I like..ya, the kampung roses are so wangi. I have two pots of this kind. Always blooming but my gloxinia which I plant from seed didn't performed well.Donno why, the leaves sudden turning yellow & dried.

    1. Yeah, that's right - always blooming. It also respond well to pruning too, it grows back really fast.

      Re gloxinia, maybe the young gloxinia plant is under stress. Keep soil barely moist, feed very lightly and see if it will grow back leaves. Meanwhile, get some potted ones from the nurseries to grow first ;)



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