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Thursday, July 13, 2017

I've just invested in some plants with yellow blooms and I must say that I did get my money's worth from this pot of Zinnia. It has been blooming for more than a week now. The flowers are really long-lasting as well.

Now, I wonder how many more flower buds are going to open...

The flowers are so heat tolerant... they left me astounded. 

I placed two Melampodiums into a shallow square pot. The strong gushes of water that overflowed from the gutter right above the plant smashed most of the leaves. 

My yellow hibiscus remains open one cloudy evening. I quickly took the opportunity to take a shot. I have to do it quickly as it was about to close soon...

I also snapped a shot of my Four O'Clock as there were so many flowers blooming. They really made me feel glad. It has been a while since the last flush of blooms.

At the back of my Prayer Plant, if you notice, there is a yellow bloom. It's a flower from my Lemon Ginger.  

This one is not just pretty but very fragrant indeed. A Jasmine... 

My Anthurium jenmanii unexpectedly sent out a bloom last week. What a sight to behold :D

These Angelonias look sweet even under the bright blue sky. I bought these the same time as the zinnias. No yellow flowers for Angelonias, so I settled for a pink shade.

Oh, the prettiest flower is still the rose. This lovely bloom beats them all. It opened from a small bud and lasted for several days.


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  1. I love it! I like angelonia aroma, so fresh! Your zinnia is reminding me into our zinnia seed. I hope I can find and sow them soon.

  2. It is wonderful how seeing a flower makes us happy. I wonder if they are happy because they make us happy?

    1. I think you are right, Catmint. While they appreciate our care by giving us beautiful blooms, the feelings come from us ;)

  3. You have a lot of yellow bloom in your garden now Stephanie! They look so sweet in yellow! Enjoy the blooms!

    1. I definitely do. I am glad that I chose to grow a few yellow flowers this time round. They cheer me up each time I see them.

  4. Hi Steph,
    I'm now working hard to clean my kebun. It's neglected over a month due to puasa & raya. I lost some kind of flower seeds included butter daisy.

    1. Hi Normala,
      I hope you will have a great start to a new gardening season and the weather will stay nice. Happy gardening!

  5. Always loved Zinnia, so many brilliant colours and long lasting. The yellow one is very pretty. Always plant some annuals over winter into spring. When summer comes it will be to hot and tiresome to keep them all watered and happy.

    1. Yup, this zinnia really needs lots of water when the sun is bright and hot, but today the plant require no water from me, yippie! I get to rest due to the morning rain ;)



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