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Thursday, July 13, 2017

I've just invested in some plants with yellow blooms and I must say that I did get my money's worth from this pot of Zinnia. It has been blooming for more than a week now. The flowers are really long-lasting as well.

Now, I wonder how many more flower buds are going to open...

The flowers are so heat tolerant... they left me astounded. 

I placed two Melampodiums into a shallow square pot. The strong gushes of water that overflowed from the gutter right above the plant smashed most of the leaves. 

My yellow hibiscus remains open one cloudy evening. I quickly took the opportunity to take a shot. I have to do it quickly as it was about to close soon...

I also snapped a shot of my Four O'Clock as there were so many flowers blooming. They really made me feel glad. It has been a while since the last flush of blooms.

At the back of my Prayer Plant, if you notice, there is a yellow bloom. It's a flower from my Lemon Ginger.  

This one is not just pretty but very fragrant indeed. A Jasmine... 

My Anthurium jenmanii unexpectedly sent out a bloom last week. What a sight to behold :D

These Angelonias look sweet even under the bright blue sky. I bought these the same time as the zinnias. No yellow flowers for Angelonias, so I settled for a pink shade.

Oh, the prettiest flower is still the rose. This lovely bloom beats them all. It opened from a small bud and lasted for several days.


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  1. I love it! I like angelonia aroma, so fresh! Your zinnia is reminding me into our zinnia seed. I hope I can find and sow them soon.

    1. Good luck with your seed sowing, Endah.

  2. It is wonderful how seeing a flower makes us happy. I wonder if they are happy because they make us happy?

    1. I think you are right, Catmint. While they appreciate our care by giving us beautiful blooms, the feelings come from us ;)

  3. You have a lot of yellow bloom in your garden now Stephanie! They look so sweet in yellow! Enjoy the blooms!

    1. I definitely do. I am glad that I chose to grow a few yellow flowers this time round. They cheer me up each time I see them.

  4. Hi Steph,
    I'm now working hard to clean my kebun. It's neglected over a month due to puasa & raya. I lost some kind of flower seeds included butter daisy.

    1. Hi Normala,
      I hope you will have a great start to a new gardening season and the weather will stay nice. Happy gardening!



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