I Like the Cloudy Weather

Friday, July 13, 2018

Many blooms stayed open for a longer period of time including the bright orange flowers of the Mexican Flame Vine. The cloudy days seem to be signalling that rain is coming but it wasn't that wet after all eventually.

Butterflies love those bright orange blooms not so much for the colour but for the nectar. I noticed a number of them the other day but they flew off quite quickly once I go near. So, no luck for a snap, sigh :(

Not as bright in colour, but pretty captivating is my Chinese Hat Plant. It just sent out a new flush of blooms which is quite amazing -- producing plenty of blooms! It doesn't normally bloom like this.

Oh, this is the sweetest blooms of all... my deep pink impatiens :)

The Iron Cross Begonia that is sitting on the rack below is the happiest of all. The plant sent out leaf after leaf filling up spaces and covering the pot.

Rosemary is not in bloom now but it looks like it needs a good cut back.

Sweetheart Hoya is doing well these days even after flowering.

The Peperomia below has been growing rather slowly. Now I am tempted to cut off the long shoot, yup I think I am going to do that after this ;)

White Plumbago offering a bright colour to the patch of greeneries at one side of my house compound.

The cute and pretty purple blooms of the White Velvet are always a pleasant find. I often see them wide opened in the morning.

Stay well!

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  1. So good to have so many lovely flowers and plants around the house! And also butterflies! Especially love that Chinese Hat blooms, Sweetheart Hoya and white Plumbago! Your rosemary grows very well and looks happy. I had one pot last time but it just did not like me nor my place as it died after 2 weeks after I bought it. Hmmm... so sad!

    1. Sorry to hear that, Jade C. Yup my garden is really suitable for growing rosemary.

  2. I have this one plant with lots of flowers. Always wondering what’s its name. Today you give me the answer. Chinese Hat Blooms! Thanks !

    1. The plant is also commonly called cup and saucer, meintheswim :)

    2. Yup, just look at the blooms ;)

  3. We all love cloudy weather and our plants too ...our monsoon season has started with downpour of rains which my garden has awaited for long after harsh summer days,lovely capture of begonia and pepperomia .

    1. Thank you, Arun Goyal. I am sure your plants are looking really good now. Yesterday was blazing hot, poured lots of water for those thirsty plants.

  4. Hi Steps...this is for the 3rd times i write into your comment coulum. Dont know why its vanished before I finished it.

    1. Sorry, Normala. I don't know why. Sometimes I face that problem as well. Thank you for stopping by.



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