Blooms After Rain

Monday, September 10, 2018

From now till Oct 6, I will be really busy writing articles and preparing for a workshop on Gardening in Small Spaces for Urban Dwellers. The entry ticket can be found in the links below. Please help to spread the word around and hope to see you there. Thank you so much!
Delightful duals! Here come my rosy rain lilies. I am really happy to see them coming together. Usually one popped up after another. The blooms are large. Snapped the pic below early in the morning when they looked the best.

After growing Cobweb Spiderwort for a while now, I have to say that this is such a strong plant and it flowers easily. The plant can just be propagated under the harsh hot sun using its cuttings!

Oh, the smell is so strong that just when the petals start opening, the scent can already be smelt. Such a wonderful bloom.

My friends who come visiting always touch the leaves of this plant before leaving my garden. It gets compliment of being so healthy and nice. You can even tell from the picture below, right?

A new NoID bromeliad to be added to my collection!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Your jasmine looks so awesome! I can imagine how beautiful the aroma...

  2. I like the rain lily, have tried planting them but no success.
    Pic no 4 is it a kind of lily also. It looks so green and healthy.

    1. That plant with big thick leaves is Anthurium jenmanii.

  3. You have such beautiful blooms and plants. Love them all. Your Anthurium do look very healthy and strong. By the way, wish you all the best with your writing and workshop projects. Enjoy! I've already shared your workshop details on my facebook.

    1. I think that anthurium is grows that way naturally though it does demand some feeding :).

      Thank you so much, Jade C for sharing out my workshop. So kind of you to do that for me.

  4. I have a lot of yellow rain lilies. Easy growing by seeds but the pink one are so lazy to produce flower. Dont no why...

  5. Yes I know. This pink one I have is indeed a lazy fella so I leave it to survive on its own most of the time. I will only water it during good weather in order to keep the soil slightly moist and so that the bulb won't wither. When it suddenly rains heavily, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the blooms to appear ;)



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