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Friday, March 01, 2019

It's still as sunny as during the recent Chinese New Year period. Cleaning and tidying up the garden seems to be the right thing to do, so that was the task I did in my garden for the past several weeks.

Although the weather doesn't seem like good for roses to bloom, the trailing white roses are doing really well.

My Azalea that bloomed in time for the festivity is still producing flowers wonderfully!

The biggest surprise of all is my Caricature Plant. It has never bloomed before but is now sending out its first bud...

Here is how the bud looks like when it has opened...

In the morning the petals of my Glory Vine looked quite light -- pastel purple in fact (as seen in the pic below). However I forgot to check on the plant again in the afternoon before it faded away. I think it will be like the orchid below.

Look how the sun makes the purple orchid petals look so outstanding...

I didn't expect my Chinese Fringe Flower plant to bloom so profusely since it has so few leaves. But it did and the shrub looks almost like there is no leaf on it at all.

The young shoots of the Russelia equisetiformis 'Flava' have leaves that are very small. They are happily thriving below their mother plant.

A white Hibiscus flower opened below the Spider Tresses blooms. Can you spot the 'tresses' that are above the hibiscus?

Have a wonderful day, guys and gals!

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  1. So many happy blooms are there indeed in your garden. Love the white roses and the white hibiscus especially, one of my favourite colours!
    Thanks, same to you and happy gardening!

    1. Thank you, Jade C! Glad you like that white hibiscus. That is my most recent hibiscus. Sometimes it doesn't seem to do well, otherwise when it flowers that is when I know it manage to recover.

  2. All nice beautiful flowers. Hot weather makes them bloom.

    The two purplish tail-like thing should be spider tresses. Is the flower yet to bloom or has it withered?

    1. Yes I also suspected that the hot weather brought out the flowers. Metintheswim, I think those spider tresses have yet flower ;)

  3. The caricature plant is reminding me to my mother in law's garden.The plant grew so well, with purplish red color flower cluster.

    1. I wonder what is happening to mine now... hope I will be able to see a cluster next time.

  4. All the flowers are blooms well in the hot weather. Your white hibiscus are so pretty. Now i start collecting bunga raya and ati-ati.

    1. They are going to help you to cover your garden with colours! I am looking forward to seeing them blooming.



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