The Garden @ Dream Centre

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We, the Nepalese ministry helpers, namely Julia, Debbie, Thoo, Stanley, Oliver, Fui Ping, Alvin, Oli and Kelvin, my husband, often hang out at the indoor garden at Dream Centre on Saturday evenings while the Sangati (Nepalese service) is on.

This garden has tiled flooring (same as my garden), so all plants are in containers. The garden is a bit dark at night. The flowing water from the little pond does add a soothing mood to the atmosphere. There are ample benches and chairs for us to sit or even lie down to take a rest.

We laugh a lot there. Not even the mosquitos can disturb us from enjoying the company of each other! We sighed too when we talked about our ministry challenges especially about transportation.
Stanley says that when we get our "dream van" in future we shall paint one corner of the van yellow in memory of Connor Wong because his name sounds like 'yellow corner'. Both Stanley and Debbie have very different version of our "dream van".

This garden may be just a simple one but when there are people enjoying each other's company, the space comes alive. Many thanks to the gardener who has been tending the plants and making the place nice for all of us to enjoy. Keep up the good work!

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  1. ahahaha!
    i like both version of the vans!
    anyone is better than nothing :-p

  2. Julia, Yes! U are absolutely right!



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