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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I was happy to have found these two little pots with cute faces as I was looking for such pots for some time already. I planted Pilea Depressa into them. Plants with tiny leaves can actually be the hair!

In the pic below, the little pink watering can is just a small container. I used it to propagate some Snakeskin (Fittonia) plants using their tip stem cuttings. No need to do any repotting later, hehe...

Of all the plants in my garden, the Hoya Kerrii has the prettiest foliage :-D

Its lovely succulent heart-shaped leaves are adorable. But soon I will face problem training the vine. The plant turned out to be bigger than I imagined it to be. Any suggestion on the type of trellis to use for this small little pot? This trellis will soon be too small...

Propagating Hoya Kerrii requires lots of patience! The hoya above was propagated using a cutting with two leaves in October 2009. It took about five months to root (no new leaves for several months!) and another five more months to slowly grow a few leaves. After that, when the vine grew longer only more leaves started to fluorish a bit more rapidly.

The total green Hoya Kerrii leaf (pic below) was propagated at the same time as the one above. No new growth sighted yet... sigh! The leaf at the back of the total green one is a Sweetheart Hoya Variegated leaf. It was purchased around Valentine's last year ;-) So far both are looking happy...

Two Sweetheart Hoya Variegated leaves had unfortunately died on me earlier, after growing them for about one-and-a-half years! One has its side/part of leaf touching the wet soil, resulting in it rotting. Another just dried up itself.

The pic below shows another of my treasured plants. Last April, when I first saw this plant - a total green Hoya Kerrii - it was growing in a hanging pot and looked like it was withering away.

I didn't have any system for a hanging pot in my garden, so I transfered the plant into a small pot and used two upside-down, U-shaped bamboo stakes to hold the tough vines. Slowly the leaves turned greener, nicer and grew bushier. Last month, new vines started to grow... yippee!

I notice both my total green Hoya Kerrii plants are a little different, in terms of leaf's appearance. Anyone knows if there are different cultivars of Hoya Kerrii for just for the total green type alone?

Happy displaying your pretty plants... they can surely make you proud :-D

Ha Xuan, so glad you mentioned that hoya plants can be revived. TQ!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, the colourful containers are cute. it adds interest and variety to the potted plants. Th Hoya with the heart shaped leaves is called Valentine's Hoya, here. I bought one many years ago, the green variety. It always flowers profusely, but the heart shaped leaves have are not so pronounced anymore. Yes, propagation is slowish. How you have trained the hoya with the bamboo sticks is very good. If it grows to long you always can prune it and use the prunings as cuttings.
    Stephanie are you on facebook?

  2. I only have those green coloured Kerrii's but so wish for one variegated. I too use those u-shaped bamboos, easy to move along when bigger pots are needed. True, I waited a time for growth but I thought it might be the colder clima. Anyhow, you could't choose a better plant for today, with all hearts all around.

    P.S.Love your pink pot :)

  3. Steph I am so in love with your hoya kerrii. you seems to have a knack for finding unusual plants, I really love that heart shaped green leaves one!! Now I have to go look for it.

  4. You have the cutest pots and plants. Those heart shaped Hoya leaves are my favorite!

  5. I love your adorable plant holder.
    Also dropped by wishing you a happy Valentine's Day :)

  6. The heart shaped leaves of Hoya Kerri is just nice for Valentine's day, though its the first time Ive seen it. Hope you can show us the flowers later. Love your adorable looking painted pots! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I never knew about Hoya Kerri until I read your post. You have many nice pots and trellis really like them!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Steph, i saw lots of Hoya varieties in my scientist friend collection in the university, also last horticulture exhibit here last weekend there are hoya exhibits too, but i dont remember their species or varieties. I have one given by my friend (you remember i posted hoya flowers before), and despite neglect and unusual conditions it gave me a flower now. It is H. diversifolia. I haven't seen that one you have. I've seen H. imperialis which has lots of big flowers, unlike most of them.

  10. Your hoya looks so healthy! Love the cute little pots.

  11. Oh, I love your little pots, they're so cute.
    Re Hoya Kerrii... I have both varieties and I've found them growing, when they do grow, very big, sending long leafless stems all over place, but they're hard to bloom (in my growing environment). I have them in hanging pots. Yours look very healthy though, so I hope you will see blooms soon.
    With the leaves alone, it's said that they won't grow into vines even if they have roots :-(
    Again, I love the pots and your green hoyas.

  12. The hoya is wonderful! I hope I can come across one of those near me one day.

  13. Nice pots for the garden!
    The Hoya's heart shape leaves is definately good addition for V day!

  14. I though plants are all chlorophyll... i never knew they have hearts too.....

  15. I have not seen the Hoya plant before! Very cute with the love! Nice pots!

  16. First time for me to see such interesting leaf shapes...

  17. I can see why you love your Hoyas Stephanie! They are perfect for Valentine's Day! How pretty the Fitonia is! It's perfect in the pink watering can planter.

  18. Those are cute pots!
    I like the leaves of the Hoya plant. Very smooth and look easy to dust. ( Once in a while I do think of dusting.)

  19. Your kerri leaves grow very neatly!! And I love the containers you use as planters, quite a change from the usual 'nature' theme!!

  20. Steph,
    you really have loads of patience to have this sweetheart leaf plant.
    I would also love to have this plant if I got more space in my garden.

  21. hi stephanie, yes the heart shaped hoya leaves are wonderful but my favourite is the face- pot with hair! so cute, i will watch out for something like it. cheers, cm

  22. Titania, the Hoya k. climbing on the bamboo stake sometimes tend to grow awkward shaped leaves (instead of heart shape)and has longer and thinner heart/leaf of different sizes. The other one is plumper and leaves' shape and size are quite consistent.

    Mia, I like the total green one more ;-)

    And U-shaped bamboo stake seems to be the readily available option for me at the moment.

    Ha Xuan, for mine, the plant sends out long vines also. After that, little leaves will grow (probably because it is not really big yet). Thanks so much again for your advice :-D

    James, hoya plants are not regular stocks at the nurseries. But at this time of the year, you will most likely see Hoya k. leaves in little pots or even little plants ;-)

    All, thanks for liking the colourful pots. And hope that you will find/see one Hoya k. plant at where you live. It's really an adorable plant. Once you the plant starts to send out vines and growing more leaves, that's when you really don't have to put so much attention to its needs ;-)

    p3chandan, the flower is not as outstanding as its leaves. I will definitely post the flower next time.

  23. The cutest pots ever! You're right about the hair!:) And the watering can pot matches those fine pink lines on the fittonia. As for the valentine's Hoya the heart-shaped leaves are as pretty as blooms!

  24. I'm not familiar with this plant. The foliage is so pretty. What a cute pot and the plant looks great in it. Hope your having a good day.

  25. Hi Stephanie. I'd suggest Tillandsia usneoides (Esther's hair) for your new pots but then they might end up looking like Sigmund. Your choice of Pilea is much, much better.

  26. Bom, gosh Sigmund is really frightening haha... :-D

  27. hiya steph, i came across your blog through googling hoya kerrii rootings and i love the plant very much. so i started looking for them, it's been a while and i have had no luck finding them apart from those single leaves sold in ikea during valentines day. i've read that rooting from a leaf cutting needs part of the stem, is that true? are you from the uk? any ideas where i can get the plants from? thank you very much for your help! xx

  28. Hi! it's easier and faster using stem cutting to root H. kerrii. The leaf cutting need its petiole as well. Good luck in finding one. Sorry I do not know where you can get a plant or cutting in the UK. I live in Malaysia. It's quite hard to find one here as well.




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