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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I had a bad headache last weekend. When I got better on Monday, I picked up some of my gardening stuffs that I had planned to do. So I started pruning my croton, gloxinia, cuphea and yellow desert rose and propagated a number of cuttings that I have gotten from my own garden and nursery.

In the evening, some birds gave me a pleasant surprise. They came for awhile and flew off soon after.

Oh, not to forget the Ikea Catalogue 2010 that was delivered and hung at my gate the following afternoon. Well, it's time to check out Ikea!

But hey, not so soon... I found some bugs on my rose, and some black ants underneath the hood of my sarracenia.

So I used a water-based pesticide to kill those bugs...

And the black ants later became victims of my sarracenia...

What a week... all these taking place without any 'appointments' made :-)

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  1. We don't have these exotic flowers here in U.S. and it's great to see them.
    I have some pesky ants by my rose plant, no sarracenia to get them out of the way :)

  2. Hi Steph,

    That's a cool picture of the sarracenia. It must have made a good meal out of all those ants.

  3. Gardening at it's best ;) IKEA,do they serve meat balls over there as well ? I always forget IKEA are worldwide represented. Enjoy your piece of Sweden :)

  4. Your Sarracenia is the cleverest!

  5. Its nice to prune, propagate and replant the garden. It was a lovely surprise to note those birds and that you manage to capture them in camera. Hope those bugs don't mess your flowers.

  6. Hope your newly propagated plants do well. That sarracenia looks stunning and I'm glad you captured those pretty birds!

  7. Sounds like a fun day! I love IKEA too. Do you have a store near you or do you have to mail order?

  8. Wendy, we have a store. There is no mail order here.

    Mia, yes they serve meatballs here as well. But my favourite is the curry puff (local snack/finger food). I like to have it with a cup of coffee.

  9. Hi Steph. I'm always so happy to get updates on your Sarracenia. They are truly fascinating plants. Have you though about a Nepenthes plant? The lowland types would do very well with your climate.

  10. Prospero, yes I am fascinated by Nepenthes! I am always looking out for them in the nurseries. I am thinking of those pretty sundews too ;-) Btw, I have placed a plate below my sarracenia pot and always filled with water. The roots of the sarracenia grew out from the bottom already. I also noticed the sides (perimeter) of the older pitchers' hoods dried up. So a plate of water to be placed below is necessary for our hot climate here.

  11. Dear Stephanie,

    Luckily your headache had gone. I don't like headache because if I do, I can't do anything just lie down. Then I must eat panadol to ease the pain.

    I hope you enjoy reading your Ikea catalogue 2010. I love beautiful furnitures...but my house won't let it ( also know because in Malaysia teres house very small).

    Have A Great Weekend!

    by Jenny Eshjey.

  12. These are the little things that brighten up our day. I'm so glad you received them just at the right timing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. It's nice to have surprises :) I think the birds enjoy coming to your garden! I want to get my hands on the Ikea Catalogue too...



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